My Work Background

  • Physician Assistant since 1991 several sub-specialties:
    • Urgent Care, Urology, Dermatology, Emergency Medicine, Orthopedics, Occupational Medicine, Internal Medicine, Homeopathic Family Practice, Trauma Surgery, Prison Medicine, Occupational Medicine
  • Oriental Medical Practitioner (Herbs & Acupuncture) 6 years in Japan
  • University Professor 12 years
    • Teaching Assistant, Univ. of Minnesota — taught Eastern Religions in the Comparative Religion class.
    • English professor in a Japanese College for  7 years
    • Graduate school professor in Physician Assistant Studies in two different Universities for 5 years (research, genetics, pediatrics …)
  • Translator & Interpreter — Japanese (while living in Japan)
  • Apartment Manager (Mpls, MN)
  • Psychiatric technician (Madison, WI and Mpls, MN)
  • Part-time jobs:
    • Substitute High School Teacher (Outside of Chicago)
    • Waiter (Chicago)
    • Hotels: Dishwasher, Front Desk Clerk, Security Guard (Asbury Park, NJ)
    • Bus Driver, Janitor, Cafeteria worker (Wheaton, IL)
    • Steel Mill Brick Layer Assistant (Cleveland, OH)
    • Veterinarian Assistant (Ohio): “kennel boy”
    • Plastic factory worker:  Truck Driver,  Plastic Compounder, Assembly Line worker
    • Newspaper boy (childhood neighborhoods)

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