Keep the “g” small

small-gMany of you live in a default Christian culture.  Surprise the hypnotized !  When you write about someone’s god, keep the “g” small.  This is one of the many ways we can keep from caving into the expected religious gestures of your communities — it is your chance to come out of the closet.  Save the big “g” for: Grandpa, Greenland and Gertrude !

And for more creative jesting, to point out the silliness or normal expressions, try these instead:

When someone sneezes:        Buddha bless you !
When pleasantly surprised:  There is a Buddha !
When thankful:                        Thank you Buddha !


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2 responses to “Keep the “g” small

  1. When I refer to someone’s god I usually go by its actual name (Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, ) or I use the small g when it has no name. I try my best not to give into the propaganda.

  2. JMC

    Agreed. I always use lower case “g” as a subtle jab. While not as provacative as Buddha references, I say the non-religious “gesundsheit” instead.

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