Divide et Impera : Atheist vs. Theist

caesar_exhortsDivide et Impera (“Divide and Rule” — also known as “Divide and Conquer”), is a strategy used by states since the Romans.  The British used the Divide and Rule strategy to control India under the British Empire.  India had 3 major religious groups: Hindus, Muslims & Sikhs.  The Brits would go into Indian towns which had a Hindu majority and appoint a Muslim major and appoint Sikhs  to run the police.  In other towns of Muslims, the Brits would do it the other way around.  Then Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs would fight each other while the Brits kept actual power.  The method kept Indians fighting Indians until they realized their common enemy.

Sure, atheists & agnostics have huge differences with theists, but in many situations their differences can co-exist peacefully if it weren’t for governments. Below are some examples.

Education:  If there is one public education system for the whole country (government schools) both atheists and theists will fight each other for control of its curriculum.

Women’s Health:   If the government decides what all women can and cannot do with their bodies — from abortion to prostitution, then different groups will fight to control that policy.

Marriage:  Marriage should be a private contract between two individuals, confessed in front of the community of their choice.  Marriage should not be a government institution.   Since Government controls this, we fight each other over who should be married and who should get tax cuts for marriage.  If we took government intervention out of marriage, much of our conflicts could disappear and we could let live and let live.

The web is full of atheists accusing religionist of killing millions.  Indeed religion has been used countless times as a rally to kill.  But the vehicle of mass murder is always the same — government. When it comes to killing, atheist and theists alike are murderers and they use governments to do it.  Here is another example where we have to stop focusing on our differences but focus on the greater enemy — the misuse of government.  Politicians will put on whatever religious or philosophical cloak they need to rule.  We can not afford to be fooled by the clothing  when we have a common enemy. See R.J. Rummel’s book and website — he has coined the expression “Democide”.

The State often causes groups to fight each other — they Divide and Rule.  These groups (Atheists and Theists) could otherwise being living a peaceful, albeit tense, co-existence in spite of their differences.  When we argue our issues, though our differences are real, we must remember that much of our frustration is artificial because it stems from the fact that our government has overstepped its proper role.


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5 responses to “Divide et Impera : Atheist vs. Theist

  1. IST

    In your haste to copdemn government, which indeed has caused the deaths of citizens (both its own and foreign), you neglect an important point: Religion on its own, without goverment direction, has still killed people. I’ll cite the Inquisition as a prime example of this.

  2. But hasn’t religion usually used government to accomplish these murders?

  3. lumpi

    What motivation would a non-government institution have to maximize the spread of education in a country?

  4. Thank you for the question. I would think that parents have lots of motivations to educate their children — they would spontaneously form institutions. But, leaving aside this controversy which is debated on many sites, I could still compromise by suggesting that we start by decentralizing education — move for state control and no federal control, get rid of the Dept. of Educ. and when possible, push for even more local control.
    Don’t assume that because it is law that everyone is educated, that everyone gets educated — we have that situation now.

  5. John K

    This is one of the most sensible articles I have read in a long time. It IS government that is the real problem, and “Democide” is real. The globalists DO NOT care what happens to the “little people” – they only care about dividing and conquering, building their own power. Religion was not the problem in the Inquisition (at least Christianity was not), the power that the Papacy wielded with some of the governments was. That is why the Inquisition lasted for hundreds of years longer in some nations (i.e. Spain) than in others. The Romans under Constantine took over the Roman Catholic Church and started state funding, which corrupted that form of Christianity. That corruption carries on today, and is somewhat continued in the Roman Catholic offshoot, Protestantism, through the continuation of professional clergy and people who want to build their own power bases – thus continuing to use religion as a tool for the power-hungry. In fact, the globalists are still currently using all the different forms of religions – Christianity, Islam, Buddism, etc., including, yes including as religions, humanism (humanitarianism) and atheism.
    The real enemy are the “Democide” globalists, those who want to destroy the power of each individual to make their own decisions and their own informed choices. Public education is one of their tools, and the more central control there is of the educational process, especially at the Federal level, the more control the globalists gain. Why do you think we had no Federal control of education until recently? There was no Department of Education until the globalists gained control.
    Vote!!!!!!!! Stop the Federal government takeover of institutions that are more effectively and efficiently run by local or state governments. Give power back to the people!!!!!!
    Patrick Henry – “Give me liberty or give me death”.

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