God’s Chosen People – No Thanks

crossing-red-seaLet’s see, a brief history of the Jews:

  • Abraham is chosen by Jehovah to start a new race of Jehovah’s special people and they are sent to destroy the inhabitants of an already populated Canaan and to make it their own.
  • Famine drives the Jews to Egypt where they become slaves
  • Moses leads them back to Canaan and they  form kingdoms that fight each other in centuries of civil war.
  • Babylonians carry the Israelites off into slavery.
  • Freed by Persian King Cyrus some Jews return to Judah.
  • Egypt again rules Israel.
  • Syrians rule Israel
  • Maccabees revolt but only rule for short time
  • Roman Empire controls Palestine
  • Jews revolt again Romans who destroy the Second Temple and Jews scattered over another diaspora
  • Expulsion of Jews during the Middle Ages
  • Hitler kills 6 million Jews

So, if this is what you get being CHOSEN by that god, I say “no thanks”.

As a note:  This notion of “being chosen”, of being special, of being set aside, of being called, can give one confidence and strength, but it can also lead to isolation, snobbishness and smugness.  But probably more than that, it is pure nonsense — noone is chosen !


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12 responses to “God’s Chosen People – No Thanks

  1. This is silly. You completely leave out of your discussion a 1500 year theo-anthropology of God’s dealing with Israelas outlined in the Tanakh and Talmud, the Old Testament, and why those events happened as they did. It is so clearly explained. God did those things because like the Exodus into th desert, He was testing them. He was preparing them for the messiah to come. He was disciplining them as His children. Canaan was commanded to be destroyed because God often uses one nation like a sword to execute judgment on another when it’s done wrong. Babylon attacking Israel was God disciplining Israel. Israel destroying the Canaanites was God judging them for their heavy sins, including child-sacrifice. They weren’t God’s chosen people because of some smug, proud name they wanted to take for themselves. They were God’s chosen people because God delivered them from Egypt from slavery to Pharaoh in order to keep the promise He made to Abraham, their forefather, long ago.
    If you’re going to critique something. Shouldn’t you also take the time to display an understanding of the other side? I mean, it’s not even a strong argument…

  2. @ Isaac
    Wow, after 848 hits on this page, you are my first comment. You are right, this is a very superficial post. But then the issue is complex. Many scholars feel the Exodus story, the mighty King David Story and much more of the Hebrew scriptures is contrived. So, without mentioning that you are familiar with this side of the discussion, your comment is guilty of the same simplicity. To tell you the truth, I don’t mind that. Neither of us is really trying to convince the other.
    Thanks for stopping in.

  3. Amy

    Well, God promised lots of strife for His people but they stayed faithful to Him. Clearly the Jews have had their share of suffering but they were also promised eternal life with Him in heaven. So, i would think about that as well.

  4. Amy, the prophecies were retro-prophecies.
    How could you say that the Jews stayed faithful to God, if they had, wouldn’t they have recognized him when he incarnated in Jesus and jumped on board right away. Jews have always drifted from their goals like every other nation.

  5. Amy

    Well, when I say they stayed faithful I don’t mean they stayed at His feet waiting for their next order. I just mean when they were being crucified and whatever else people did to Jews (because they went through a lot) they didn’t give up on Him. Your right, the Jews have drifted from God. And, if you read about Jesus in the Bible He is always asking His people why they had forsaken him. But, I can understand why they would be a little hesitant towards a god that led them through captivity, exile, the Holocaust, and all hell just to follow Him. But, since he came through with suffering part I would think He’d come through with the heaven part as well.

  6. Every country and people has gone through with a “suffering part”, so if suffering means you go to heaven, we are all safe.

    But it will be weird living in the realm of a god who cherishes suffering and sacrifice.

  7. Amy

    Haha that’s their problem not ours

  8. Damion Hunter

    God’s Son “suffered and sacrificed”. I hope it will not be weird to dwell with him knowing that He loved us enough to allow His Only Begotten to sacrifice himself so that we could return to Him for forever.

  9. Jesus is God

    God is perfect the people that he deals with are not. for instance today God is trying to reach thousands of people, and I guess some people believe he is not. the point is that he will never stop being God because skeptical opinions about him or what he is supposed to do. at the end you will be whatever you wants to be, and he will be always God. it does not matter how many people hate the idea. he was, is, and will always be God.

  10. Jesus is God

    and by the way people make their own decisions, God just let them choose. if they suffer is not God’s will. stop commenting on things you do not know about. it is not wise. and for damion hunter: God and Jesus are the same person. just manifested in different ways, if you do not understand this is because your mind is too limited to do so. just like your feet is part of your entire body, Jesus is part of God.

  11. Wow, it is that kind of talk that further inspires me to write against the preachin’ Christians out there. Though I sometimes think religions can serve some purpose. This writing makes me realize that if they do, it is at a huge cost.

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