Politically-Correct Atheism

republican_vs_democrat2There are a great variety of contradictory Christian ethical theories.  Likewise, Atheists are all over the map in terms of ethics.  I would think they are all over the map in terms of politics too, yet I find most atheist blogs are very pro-Democrat and speak as if they expect all other intelligent atheists to be Democrats too.  I think blurring together politics and atheism divides the atheist community unnecessarily.  Many atheist blog writers assume all their readers will agree with their politics.  But there are not just two simple political positions of left vs right or Democrats vs Republicans.

For instance, look at the following simple political dichotomies which inform most people’s political thoughts:

  • Fiscal Policy: Conservative vs. Liberal
  • Domestic Social Policy: Conservative vs. Liberal
  • Foreign Policy: Interventionist vs. Isolationist
  • Security Policy: Assertive vs. Passive

So with 4 dichotomous positions any political thinker can have 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 16 types of political positions.  Yes, of course we could add further categories and the dichotomies are probably spectrums but you see my point.

I am sure most atheists agree with many socially liberal policies, but I would not imagine they agree on all such policies.  Libertarians, for instance, are liberal on social issues but conservative on economic issues (in general).  Should libertarians be shunned?  Is there a “politically correct Atheism” forming?

What do my readers think?


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7 responses to “Politically-Correct Atheism

  1. Like all of mankind’s religions, Atheism has its doctrine and its dogma. That being the case, there will inevitably develop some fundamental stances that all Atheists must adhere to or be shunned by the faithful.

  2. Hopefully not. Christopher Hitchens is definitely not a left wing liberal, and there is a prominent Atheistic right-wing faction in Scandanavian politics.

    The reason it seems like Atheism is taking on a left wing tinge is mainly just the reaction in the United States against the right wing fundamentalists, who seem (to an outside observer at least) to be very homogeneously right of center with everything.

    The only thing Atheists have in common is the lack of belief in superstition.

  3. I will type a brief post tonight which I hope acknowledges something true in both the responses of Jonolan and Benthien. Thank you both for your responses. Please let me know if you agree or how you disagree.

  4. unrelated question; what is the graphic next to the planet on your header?

  5. Copied from my Author Tab: In my blog’s header I have put a NASA photo on the left taken by the Cassini spacecraft as it orbited Saturn. Saturn is eclipsing the sun and on the left, on the inside border of the second from outside ring, is a small blue dot — the Earth. I think this photo is awesome in terms of the juxtaposition of the reach of science and the insignificance of humans. The picture on the right is an old Chinese document showing the method of triangulation.

  6. Yes, benthien, brings up a valid point – there’s likely a difference in the dogma between American sects of Atheism and those in other countries.

    I can really only speak of the American variety, having spent little of my time outside of the United States in nations where Atheists could gather freely or even publicly identify as such.

  7. that’s freaking cool.

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