Goyology (definition):

  • One’s beliefs, attitudes and behaviors towards others outside your group
  • Goyology exists in religious groups, philosophical circles, ethnic groups, clubs, nations or any grouping of people who self-define their group.

Etymology:  I found no theological category capturing this idea so I coined this word.  I imagined a few other “ology”s like: “Unbeliever-ology”, “Pagan-ology”, “Heathen-ology” or “Gaijin-ology” (Japanese), but they didn’t sound right.  Then I remember the rather derogatory Hebrew word meaning “an unbeliever” — “Goy“, a non-Jew.  That sounded good, thus “goyology” was born.

One’s goyology by nature often secludes others as a way of binding your own group together into a stronger tribe — us vs. them.  So, it is obvious why such a habit would evolve in all social animals.  But as humans, need we be slaves to our genetics, can’t we transcend our limitations with culture?

Below are posts I hope to buid on the goyologies of various groups (I will build these slowly, please to send me contributions, either quotes from their texts or from modern well-known believers):


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