PC Atheism

no-pc-atheism-with-buddhaPC Atheism” consists of any or all of the following three beliefs.  Though most Atheist fall into none of these, nonetheless I write about them, because they are out there.

  • Atheists are all economic liberals: Though perhaps most atheist are politically liberal, there are many Atheists who are economically conservatives (Republicans, Independents and Libertarians).  And certainly all atheists do not agree on all liberal social positions.
  • Religion is Never Good:  Though religious theologies and superstitions do deserve to be challenged,  religion is more than just theology and can act, on a good day, as a safe hold for many things of great value.  When discarding religious beliefs, we should be careful to not throw the baby out with the wash.  Likewise we need to keep the focus of our criticism on particular actions and beliefs, not on the person themselves.
  • Atheists are the only Clear Thinkers:  It is not just the religious who have superstitious notions, or who commit gross logical fallacies or who believe things they can not prove.  Many religious scholars are very clear thinkers, given their initial assumptions.  But religionists often hide behind the sanctification cloak while Atheists and Skeptics do try to be open to inspection of their assumptions.


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7 responses to “PC Atheism

  1. freeze43

    What is PC? Politically Correct?

  2. freeze43

    How are these labels politically correct?

  3. @ Freeze43
    Please let me know a little bit about yourself and what you think about the post so that I can better answer you.
    This post was written when I started this blog and noticed among atheist bloggers and commentors a huge tendency to such thinking. When I even lightly challenged these ideas, the challenges were met with vehemence. Since, I have found many that don’t hold to all of these. Yet I find the demographic pattern interesting.
    Hope that answers the intent of your terse questions.

  4. freeze43

    Well I think the post covers what I would consider stereotype/archetypal characteristics of a politically motivated “new” atheist (i.e. the recent movement). The moniker “Politically Correct” confuses me, as there’s nothing particularly non-PC about anything an atheist would do outside these boundaries.

    I’m an atheist who blogs mostly about ethics, psychology and the usual stuff.

  5. I agree with you! So, please tell us your blog site!

  6. freeze43

    its all here- mostly atheism, occasional dips into psychology and ethics.

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