Atheist Taxonomy: Ex-Smokers

cigarette_butt I am an ex-smoker.  Smoking was rather hard to quit, but not as hard to quit as chewing, especially since part of my chewing habit developed in Asia munching on Betelnut (Betel leaf & areca nut combo).  Anyway, sorry, I digress.

Ex-smokers are classically know to be the most intolerant of  smokers.  Yet my experience says the opposite.  Many smokers, including myself, break that rule.  I am very understanding of smokers and less condemning in the clinical setting than my “I-never-smoked” medical colleagues.

So, anyone have suggestions why these two types exist?  Do they exist among never-smoked folks too.  I swear that having smoked makes me more tolerant of smokers because I understand from whence they came.

So, now, on to the analogy:  I wonder if this smoker-ex-smoker phenomena exists among atheists: ex-believer vs. never-believed.  I would think ex-believer atheists, if they were believers as adults and not just as children, would be more sympathetic of believers than never-believed atheists.

Any ideas ?

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One response to “Atheist Taxonomy: Ex-Smokers

  1. That’s a hard call. My experience with the many atheists I’ve run into here (blogs) and at YouTube is that our more recently de-converted brothers and sisters are pretty anxious to engage the theist community. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean they are necessarily less tolerant. I think it probably comes down to the individual personality traits that they bring in to their atheism. If they were already tending towards being intolerant of differences (at least in the area of “right/wrong” positions), then it probably carries over when they become atheists. And that’s probably similar when viewing the reactions of either non-smokers or ex-smokers in relation to current smokers.

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