Atheist Taxonomy: Parent’s Faith

Atheists often don’t have as much in common as they imagine.  This is because there are lots of different kinds of Atheists.  I don’t remember where I heard the prediction below, but it goes like this:  An individual’s religious beliefs (Blue) are highly correlated by interactions of their parent’s beliefs (Red), and their parent’s emotional relationship (Green).

We all want to think we choose our beliefs, but often, our environment choose them for us and our brains just make up “personal choice scenarios” for us and we try them on until we find a story about ourselves (albeit, false) and we stick by it.

Let me know if you fit this predictive table.
I also imagine that atheists who were former believers as adults, are very different from “natural” atheists.

Parent’s Relationship
Parents’ Beliefs Believers


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2 responses to “Atheist Taxonomy: Parent’s Faith

  1. Nope, doesn’t fit for me. I have a great relationship with my Mum & Dad – always have (except during the obligatory sulky-teen phase), and they are both well into their religiosity. I became an atheist entirely off my own bat.

  2. I guess that is why you can call yourself a “Free Thinker” and mean it !

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