My Supernatural / Mystical Experiences

This is an index post of some of my unusual experiences:




Emotive / “Visual”



  • Spoken in tongues
  • Healed with etheric energy
  • Moved objects with my Qi


Some minds are more prone to supernatural experiences than others.  Using the word “supernatural” is odd perhaps, but if you read the experiences, perhaps they just come down to being unusual while others may try to tell you they are ‘supernatural’.  I, of course, am find with them just being unusual.

To me, these experiences illustrate again that our minds are not rational calculators and that we are far more irrational than we’d even like to imagine.   If you are an Atheist who in not disposed to these experiences, then you may be tempted to belittle  these experiences.  That sort of atheist may read my posts and think: “This guy is crazy”.

Heck, actually few religious folks even have these sorts of experiences.   Of course those that do, probably interpret them within their own religious tradition.   Theists reading my experiences could come to a number of conclusions:

  • “This Atheist guy has been demon possessed for a long time. The devil is granting him sights into the spirit world, but he is blind to the Truth. “
  • They may be bewildered by how I could have these sort of experiences and yet still not understand the world in spiritual terms.
  • Or they just may feel I have deep pscyhological issues.

But whether you are a theist or an atheist or something in-between, such perceptions have to be accounted for.


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4 responses to “My Supernatural / Mystical Experiences

  1. What’s a “withered city”? Is that like, say, Milton Keynes?

  2. Thank you for your interest Stuart (Yunshui) — I wrote out the witthered city story for you. And I don’t know … tell me if the Withered City looks like your Milton Keynes in England.

  3. sortofpsychic

    I’m an atheist, but I’m also what I call a supernaturalist – I believe in these things because I’ve read and experienced them. You seem to have a natural talent and should explore it – try and If you have done telekinesis, healed, spoken with spirits, and more, you’re definately a natural psion.

  4. Wow, I am a psion ! I seriously think not. 🙂

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