A Vision: The Withered City


It was dusk and I was walking through Kyoto, Japan (my home for 7 years).  I was pleasantly sober and feeling rather peaceful after a relaxing day.  I looked down the long street in front of me and thought fondly of the many interesting aspects of my beautful adopted city: of the temples, the gardens, the river and the many restaurants.  But as I was gazing, the city suddenly became empty — no traffic, no people and the walls of the city were crumbling.  I was shocked, of course, and within a half second the brief vision disappeared.  I still remember the image to this day.

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4 responses to “A Vision: The Withered City

  1. I’ve just never encountered an atheist that didn’t write off “supernatural” experiences as mental illness, emotional distress, or whatever.

    I am interested in the stuff. I don’t know why. It just isn’t possible to me that every single honest, sane person that ever saw a spirit or had a prophetic dream could be lying.

    It is unfortunate that so many people lie about it, though, like many so-called psychics.

    Our brains are so unexplored in that area that we may never know in our lifetime. It is hard, though, not reach the conclusion that there is a God if one accepts the experiences as true.

    But, perhaps another civilization more advanced than ours could be the explanation. Ants and spiders must think that we are God, since with one hit we can destroy a few of them.

  2. Indeed it is odd the visions the mind chooses to share.

  3. Hey Stephen Hawkings thinks there could be “other worlds”. Why shouldnt we. 😉

  4. I don’t think Hawkings thinks our eyeballs can see them while we are standing in another city. A bit of a stretch, I think. If we do too much twisting of ideas, our intent becomes questionable.

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