Swine Flu – Govt. Action ! Hmmmm

Caution: This is a politically incorrect video for you most of you Atheists !

Congressman Ron Paul (former medical doctor) says:
1) Bigger Government usually makes things worse.
2) Vaccines need to be view judiciously.
Ah, but he is just a crazy libertarian.  We can all go back to sleep.

Other ways of understanding the Swine Flu:


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7 responses to “Swine Flu – Govt. Action ! Hmmmm

  1. Ron Paul is a Creationist. This is usually synonymous with idiot, but in this case, he’s just a crank who happens to be correct about some things.

  2. We are all a mix of silly ideas. Some sillier than others, of course. I disagree with many of my friends over some issues, it doesn’t mean they don’t still offer me much in exchange.

    For instance, William seems to value ad hominem arguments, which I think are less than fruitful. But who knows, even I could learn from William !

  3. What about the eradication of the polio virus? Influenza? News flash, those things were both brought about by the very thing Paul labels as “bad,” and that is government intervention. The humanitarian benefit of mandating childhood vaccinations far outweighs the cost of doing so, which is the occasional death of a child. Why would he leave those kinds of figures out of his equation? To promote the small government agenda no matter what the consequences may be? That seems awfully despicable to me.

  4. Indeed a long conversation. I understand your disgust. Perhaps this short post of mine explains the careful way in which I balance these thoughts. On Vaccinations.
    Thank you for visiting and commenting.

  5. Great site, man. Enjoy it.

    I don’t want to say that Ron Paul is a wackaloon, only that he’s wrong on a very fundamental level: public health and disease prevention are not civil liberties issues.

    Objective facts like a) diseases spread, and b) vaccines, despite their real and potential harms, effectively prevent the spread of these diseases, aren’t at all subject to the whims of “individual choice.” We’re talking about scientific knowledge, and also about an individual action which can have an immensely a harmful effect on the global population, not just himself.

  6. Yes, I think we disagree – albeit peacefully. Ron Paul, and myself, are not against vaccines — indeed we see their great value. We are just against the government mandating and running vaccines. Again, thanks for visiting the site !

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