Atheist Taxonomy: Aggression

Atheist_Tax_Agg_IndigOK, this is totally experimental and done late at night.  It is meant to be controversial and to stir comments.  It is inspired by conversations I have seen on Atheist blogs about how Atheists ought to behave.  So I made this little diagram to label the different kinds of Atheists in terms of their degree of indignation and how much they aggressively show that indignation.   Taxonomies are always limited and biased, no way around that.  But Taxonomies can be instructive — I hope comments stir this into a constructive direction.

Below is my Indigination List.  For certainly there is much atheists can be indignant about when confronting Theists.  Please add to the list or correct it.

We can be indignant because many Christians use their god …

  • as an excuse to invade other countries
  • to control women’s bodies
  • to oppress homosexuals
  • to oppress women
  • to oppress non-whites
  • tell non-believers they are damned
  • to scare children
  • to stop the advance of science

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