Good Christians: David Myers

DavidMyersDavid Myer is a Christian who is a psychology professor at Hope College, a Christian college.  Several years ago, I read his book called Intuition: Its Perils and Power and loved it.

I must read this new book of his.  Listen to this excellent interview with David Myer done by the amazing folks at “Reasonable Doubts“.  Be sure to listen to the end of the interview where he rightly criticizes Myers while still complimenting him.

Here is Prof. Myer’s College Home Page

Christians like this gentleman give Christians a better name in the Atheist community !


But wait !  In a comment, a reader links us to his excellent critique !


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3 responses to “Good Christians: David Myers

  1. Jeff

    my alma mater believe it or not. Guess I’ll have to read this. Sounds like he’ll take a civil tone, which is encouraging.

  2. Thank you Vjack — I have updated my post appropriately. I still look forward to reading this, as Christians will too. You comments will help. Thanks.

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