If a cross did not kill Jesus

The USA is covered with crosses – on buildings, necklaces, signs, and statues.  Because of that we often just see them as a sign of Christianity and forget that they were merely a common execution tool in the ancient Roman empire.

But what if Jesus had been born in a different time and a different place: it would not have been a wooden cross that killed him.

noose_necklaceFor instance, imagine if Jesus had been born in the USA in the 1900s – he most likely would have been killed by hanging.  People would have been sporting nooses around their necks.  Elegant, simple but no blood — that would be a problem.

Or what if Jesus had been born in the 30’s, 40’s or 50’s and killed by electric chair.  As you see below, others have thought about this too. Boy, that would hurt to roll over on at night and lay on the electric chair on your chest.  And “crossing” yourself when entering a Catholic church would have been a long drawn out process.  It takes time to sketch an electric chair.

Pope Electric Chair WB


But if Jesus had been born in the 1960s then he would have been executed in the 2000s and the method would most likely have been injection.  Syringe necklaces would be a little dangerous but syringes on steeples might look cool.



So maybe that is why God, in all his insight, let us kill his son in 28 a.d.  Crosses are the best execution tool for jewelry and such.  What amazing planning !  Yahweh always does it well.

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One response to “If a cross did not kill Jesus

  1. Yup! You got it right. I like the cross for this very fact as it’s pretty freak’n subversive and really sticks it to the empire who thinks they can use fear as a method of control. those who wore crosses are saying “we see through your method and we’re not afraid of you any more.”

    yet it is also good to note that the cross doesn’t appear right away, instead it really hits around the mid-600s and especially hits the stride in the 1100s. up until that time, the life of Christ was more important than the death.

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