My Mother’s Ghost

garden_darkMy mother was a gentle, thoughtful, well-loved third grade teacher.  She had divorced my father and had lived alone in a condominium with a small courtyard.  My mother had became very sullen and isolated in her last few years and at 54 years-old she had a re-occurrence of her breast cancer.  Fortunately I was able to come back from Japan and be with her during her last 6 weeks.  I stayed in her hospital room 24 hours a day, sleeping in the chair next to her bed.  But every few days, during those 6 weeks, I would go back to her condominium, collect her mail and water her plants.  And after my mother passed away I stayed in that condominium for 3 weeks taking care of final details.

One evening, just after sun set, two weeks after her death, I was feeling a little sad about my mother when I saw something, through the corner of my eye, moving in the court yard.  I looked out the large glass door window and saw my mother in her favorite bathrobe walking through the garden looking down at her plants.  She walked peacefully and reflectively.  Our eyes did not meet.  And of course, to say the least, the apparition startled me, and within less than a second after the startle, her image faded and I sat there doubting my sanity.  Her image in the garden would be a far better last memory than that of her last hours in the hospital.  I am thankful.

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8 responses to “My Mother’s Ghost

  1. Earnest

    They say dreams make brains more healthy. Real or not, that image sequence brought closure. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. Wow! Sabio.

    You didn’t say what you make of that vision. Do you think it was your brain making sense of the pain? Or do you have other theories.

    Some people believe that when we die we live an energetic stamp at those places where we experienced strong emotions. So apparitions are energy left behind as opposed to the person her/himself.

    Do you have a theory or did you sweep it under the rug of unknown things?

  3. I have seen a “ghost” too. It happened 3 times in about 2-3 weeks. Never happened before, never happened again. When I asked my grandmother if she had ever seen a ghost in her house(which is where I saw it), she said “dont worry thats just Carolyn, she comes and sits at the end of my bed all the time” My cousin carolyn died tragically in a car crash. That was pretty freaky stuff to say the least.
    I believe we are energy and when we die that energy just morphs, so in essence maybe it does stick around for a period. But I wouldnt say that for certain. 😉

  4. @Lorena: My post here where I discuss my supernatural experiences. I am sure my brain did not make it for pain. Because I have had lots of other pains without friendly ghosts. But the brain does make lots of things for us.

    @T4T & Lorena
    Yeah, lots of cultures belief in “morphing energy” or “souls”, but we have no evidence of them — no pictures — all subjective. AND, with billions dead, you think there would be lots to see. The comfort of such thinking, however, is obvious !

  5. Yep, that sounds similar to mine, although mine was solidly in the sphere of dreams. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  6. @ Gary: yeah, dreams and reality have been a little slippery in my life occasionally! Thanx for the visit

  7. rosemary macleod

    hi i used to work spliy shifts and sometimes went back to bed for a few hours in the day i am the youngest of 3 children and lived with my mother my mother died of cancer at the age of 71 .well my mother died on my birthday of all days in 1998 and about a yr or so after i went back to bed for a few hours and i was woken by someones finger touching my face i looked across the room and just saw a shape next to the wardrobe then looked again and nothing my mother always used to wake me on school mornings as a child with the finger on the face.then about 3 or 4 yrs latter my mothers beloved dog died at the age of 14 and a half we bred her and she died in the same place in the house that she had been born and i saw her being born and i was there when she died the dog had been ill for about a week before her death and had lost alot of weight about amonth after the dog died i was awoken from my afternoon sleep and both my mother and the dog were standing next to the bed the dog looked about 5 yrs younger and was on a lead that i had not seen since my mother had died and my mother was wearing her sheepskin coat and my mother always loved birds and fed them all but without a dought her favorite was always the robin she used to always say when i die i will come back as a robin i came home from work one night and in the house up on a picture frame was sitting a robin looking down on me she always said she would come as a robin and look down on me the robin used to come in everyday after that and always sit on the picture frame above me looking down.

  8. @ Rosemary: Sweet story. I think there are many stories out there like ours.

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