Reindeer Feet

Reindeer_FeetI was in 2nd grade and it was Christmas Eve.  Tonight, Santa would come on his sled pulled by reindeer with lots of presents.  To celebrate, as we did every year, my parents fixed pretend, adult drinks of Seven-Up and cherry juice for my brothers and I.  We gleefully hoisted our drinks so that we could join our folks as they sipped their cocktails before they went out for their yearly Christmas Party.  The babysitter was instructed to let us stay up late so we’d sleep through till Christmas morning giving my parents time to lay out the mythic surprise.  Yet my slumber was roused by something and as I climbed out of bed hoping to catch Santa, I looked out my bedroom window amazed to see the feet of Santa’s reindeer as they flew by my window.  Just then, my brother ran into my room yelling, “I heard Santa’s sleigh bells, did you hear them, did you hear them?”.  Wow, I couldn’t believe it.  So my brother and I ran out into the living room, but we were too late, Santa was gone.  But the presents were all there, and Santa’s cookies were eaten and he had drank his milk.  What a glorious morning !  I still remember the Reindeer’s feet vividly to this day.

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  1. Nice memory Sabio.

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