Brown Eggs & Baby Carrots

Rhode Island RedWe were driving in the country and I saw a sign advertising “Brown Eggs”. Later that day, I decided to take an informal poll and asked many of the people at our July 4th gathering what they thought of “Brown Eggs”.  Most felt that they were healthier for you.  “Kind of like brown rice”, one friend said.  Most felt that it was the type of eggs a free-range chicken laid, as if eating bugs and worms turned the egg brown.brown and white eggs

My family raises several different species of ducks for their eggs.  Depending on the species, they lay different color eggs.  In the chicken world, Rhode Island Red, New Hampshires, and Plymouth Rocks all lay reddish brown or brown-speckled eggs while White Leghorn chicks lay white eggs.  There is no difference in nutritional value.  But egg sellers seem to capitalize on peoples’ common misperception on this issue.

baby carrotsThe Monday after the 4th of July picnic, my colleague at work mentioned how he loved “baby carrots”.  But again, the consumer misunderstanding is glaring! “Baby carrots” are simply grown-up carrots chopped into smaller pieces and peeled.  It was invented as a way to avoid discarding slightly rotting carrots or carrots with gross imperfections.

Human rationality is often hilarious.

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