Spiritual Facts

SpiritualNutritionNew government regulations demand that all websites be clearly labeled as to their religious content.  Consumers must be aware of the spiritual food that they are consuming.  In keeping with those regulations, using qualified laboratories, we have had the content of this site thoroughly tested.  Readers must be aware, however, that individual unique allergic reactions to certain ingredients may be possible.  Consume at your own risk.

Obviously, this is just an imitation of nutritional labels I made to poke a little fun at myself while exposing the apparent contradictory nature of my posts.



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17 responses to “Spiritual Facts

  1. Shawn Wamsley

    Well played, this makes me laugh.

  2. Cally

    Me too. A smile I suppose.

  3. I agree. That’s damn funny.

  4. Temaskian

    Good one.

  5. O% Epiphany?

    Oh well.


  6. Sometimes, ya just got to be honest !

  7. Earnest

    I note the absence of a US RDA, perhaps that would tread upon the division between Church and State!

  8. taoseeker


  9. taoseeker

    Sorry, one more thing:

    “2) If you’d like a custom made “facts label” for your site, e-mail me to discuss.”

    Well, my blog is too new and who knows if it will even last (my track record is poor), but if it does I totally want one. How to find your email?

  10. Hey taoseeker, let’s do this, after your site has been up a year, come back and check — I will offer it as a birthday present ! Use my full name, no spaces at the standard gmail address. Thanx for stopping in !

  11. Pizza Wolf

    haha…i lol’d

    you mind if i borrow the idea at some point…probably not the lable…but the concept?

  12. Sure, use away but please give me a HT.

  13. james

    Hey Sabio. I would be interested to learn how to make this label.

  14. As mentioned in the post:

    2) If you’d like a custom made “facts label” for your site, e-mail me to discuss.

    Looking forward to your e-mail !

  15. Hey, thanks for stopping in. Yeah, unfortunately, it is actually pretty honest too! 🙂

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