Forgive Me

oneway1This is my belated official apology to all the folks I tried to convert when I was a born-again Christian.  Please forgive me when I showed lack of ability to listen, the use of guilt or fear or any displays of self-righteousness when I tried to talk you into my world.  More over, forgive me for looking at you primarily as a goal instead of as a person and if I failed to listen to you when I was so hell-bent on my agenda from God.  Excuse me for the trite mindless phrases I used over-and-over and for not stopping to think when you offered me a chance.

In particular, I would like to ask forgiveness from:

  • My Mom (though deceased): for the bumper sticker I glued on your car which said “Honk if you love Jesus”.  You were a shy, modest person and that sticker ruined many of your peaceful commutes to work.
  • My brothers and Dad (deceased): or my persistent self-righteous badgering while they patiently waited for me to grow up.
  • My Freshman college roommate:  who begrudgingly tolerated me when I embarrassed him by plastering an ugly poster (actual photo) on our dorm room window facing the quad when I was at Cornell.

Thank you



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17 responses to “Forgive Me

  1. That part about the poster is pretty outrageous! Now you could write, “ONE WAY…ATHEIST BUDDHISM!”

    Mind if I crib that last sentence about your family to send to my family?

  2. LOL, excellent ! Crib away ! Thanks ATR.
    I also forgot to mention making my poor shy mother drive around in a car with a “If You Love Jesus Honk!” bumper sticker. She was incredibly embarrassed.

  3. Anoat Ozzel

    Very, Very Nice. I have to admit, I wish I would get something this civilized from the folks who made me ashamed of freethinking and who tried to squash my predilections to investigation. Frankly though, this apology only works because of the man your are today; that being a sincere, intelligent and thoughtful monkey. As such, I hope all consider the importance of the brash, haughty days of Sabio as formative and ultimately necessary!!!

    Peace Brother,

  4. meanlittleboy


  5. Um, could I copy and paste this entire post, and put my name at the end? I’m still a Christian, but I feel the exact same way. Including, regarding my freshman dorm roommate. Except the part about the poster. I had a poster of 2Pac.

  6. @ Peter — absolutely, there are much better ways of being Christian than the ways I did it — and much worse !

  7. Funny, I never would have imagined you being like that. 😉

  8. I know just how you feel. When I was in elementary school, I was scared witless about the prospect of my friends burning in hell in the afterlife. Who wouldn’t? That’s the entire point of telling kids that, to freak them out.

    There was one person in particular, my best friend, who just didn’t care. It bothered me on such a fundamental level that I would always bring it up.

    Sure, I feel really guilty about it, but I know I shouldn’t. I was young and naive.

  9. Ditto T4T.

    I never would’ve thought you went through a fundy phase. Buy hey, I wish I would have written that apology. Right on!

  10. It is a place where forgiveness is so needed… I too have regretted what damage I have done in the same ways. Thank you for your honesty and your continued challenges to me. Sincerely!

  11. Thanks for visiting Aaron !

  12. The Line

    Your apology is accepted, buggy!

  13. FYI to Readers:
    “The Line” is my brother — thanks bro !
    My brothers and I played a make-up game for years as little kids. I was a super bug, called “buggy” and he was like Zoro but his signature was simple, it was a line !
    We saved people in every episode.
    Great fun, great memories !

  14. This is beautiful and moving, Sabio. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  15. Thank you, Warrioress. I must admit, it gets tiring calling you “warrioress” — time for a new name, no?

  16. uwsboi14

    Love this post – so honest and self-aware.

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