ufo2Here is another story of my supernatural or weird experiences (index here).

Late at night, when I was about 7 years old, we were strolling back to our cabins from our barely-glowing camp fire (YMCA or Boy Scouts, I can’t remember) when someone spotted UFOs.  The sky was dark except for stars but as I looked up where others were pointing, I saw three or four small, fast-moving objects darting around the sky and making sudden angular changes in their paths.  The objects would fly away from each other and then fly back into a tight formation.    They were bright white disks with a light blue flame-like glow off-center in the disk.  Maybe 20 of us saw them.  We all talked about them for days.  We then went home and told our parents — but you can imagine how that went off.

ufo1Back then, UFO books were a dime-a-dozen.  And I remember a year after I saw my UFOs, I was reading such a book and stumbling on a page which actually showed a picture of exactly the type of UFO.  The picture was taken by someone who saw the UFO only about 200 miles from my house.  Wow, I had confirmation !

Actually, the image of those UFOs are still as clear and “real” in my head as Santa Clause’s reindeer’s feet and many other amazing things I have seen.  They are actually in my mind even as clearly as the memory of my daughter’s face when she scrapped her knee last week.


Note: These are internet pictures I found that approximate what I saw.


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  1. UFO’s?!! Were they driven by tiny green men 🙂

    You know, I had a super weird experience like that when I was younger. There was a time in my life when I was absolutely obsessed with space/astronomy. I used to go out EVERY night with my telescope and scan the stars for new sights…I had the fantasy of being an astronaut or an astronomer when I grew up.

    Anyway, one night I saw this WAVE of light wrinkle across the sky. There’s just no other way to describe it…I was SUPER freaked out by it, and no one would believe me when I described it to my family and friends. To this day though, I have an incredibly vivid memory of that sighting…I still have no idea what it actually was though.

  2. That sounds like the Aura borealis !
    That is a natural phenomena, my green men trump that ! Smile. Thanx for droppin’ in Lyndsey — and that is a very nice touch up to your site !

  3. I think I saw the Aurora Borealis one night in the middle of Kentucky. It was on a night when there were pretty intense solar storms going on, so it is possible but highly unusual.

  4. West Virginia Salvation


    So, what is your conclussion? I know what mine is. It is very profound…You saw something!

    I am sure they were weather balloons!!! 😉

  5. Ah yes, you want the conclusion: Well, I assumed they were alien spaceships well until my teens. Then the belief faded as the fad faded. Thereafter I never really thought about it except to bring up occasionally at parties when conversations had died – especially if the girl I was chatting up was into astrology and such.

    But the images of those lights are still strong in my head — emotional experieces burn deep ! Who knows, it could have been mass hallucination, an amazing hoax, or real green people. I am not invested in the decision but I am invested with being honest with my impressions.

    I think the mind does not make singular decisions on this sort of thing — though we may be requested to make such pronouncement at any given time !

    Is that a little more clear?

  6. A little more clear? Come on!

    I think saying that it was “your mind” is a little bit of a cope out, don’t you think?

    I was expecting more something like, “The US air force may have been testing secret war ships.”

    Seeing the same thing 200 miles away? I guess whatever it was could have traveled that far after you guys saw them.

  7. @ Lorena: I never said it was “in my mind” because that would be a tautology. The question is, “what was in the sky” — I ‘know’ what was in my mind.

    I figure the Russians were trying to drive the American out of their minds. First they faked the Spudnik orbit but we topped them with the fake moon landing !

  8. I remember once night, my sister and I were in the backyard on a completely clear night and we saw a very slow-flying object that, as I remember it, looked a lot more like a rocket than an airplane. I know it had no wings because as it flew, you could see stars through where the wings ought to have been. It lacked all of the typical flashing lights airplanes had as well.

    To this day, I haven’t got a clue what it might have been. It remains, as most do, an unidentified flying object. It makes no sense to claim it was operated by little green men or the Russians, I just don’t know.

  9. I agree, it makes not sense to claim that fun stuff, but damn, it is fun ! (and that is why the stories live )

  10. Probably just flecks of dandruff falling off the almighty’s great head. That’s my explanation.

  11. Steve Wiggins

    Thanks for fessing up! Was this in Pennsylvania? I seldom talk about it, but I saw a few unaccountable things in the sky growing up in PA. I do not know what they were, but I know what they weren’t, which is anything conventional in the air.

    BTW, the craze isn’t over, it has just shifted. Now it is on Sy-Fy which is unfortunate since it is easy to claim it is all fiction!

  12. @ Steve
    I saw these in Ohio, near the Pennsylvania border. Two years later, in one of those UFO book, I saw pictures taken by a person in Pennsylvania of UFO that looked just like the ones I saw.

    If you noticed by my stories, I never try to rewrite my memories to match my present mind set. You sound honest in that sense too.

  13. Steve Wiggins

    Thank you — that is a high compliment! I try to maintain a straightforward approach to the unknown. At the time I saw the anomalous objects I assumed them to be extraterrestrial (I was a child at the time), but they did leave a lasting impression on me. Nothing forces open-mindedness like witnessing something you can’t explain!

  14. purplehymnal

    Sounds like the Delta Aquarids or the Perseids, and note that meteor showers can behave in such “odd” or “UFO-like” fashions, it’s not just a straight streak down. (E.g., meteors I have seen over the years have spiraled (that was a particularly phosphorescent green one, it was beautiful), done loop-de-loops, and zig-zagged, and in one case, did look a missile of some sort, very large, which ended up in the ocean 900km away.

    Sorry to take the air out of your “UFOs”, but I think the meteor explanation is WAY cooler, and I try to keep up with being an astronomy nut part-time, so I’m obviously biased. 🙂

    [I fixed the typos — e-mail me any time to fix typos 🙂 ]

  15. @ Purple
    Hey, don’t worry about “taking the air out of my UFOs” 🙂 . If you will notice, I try to write it the way I remember it — without editing. My bias is similar to yours now. But back then, I was ready for UFOs !

  16. A few years ago I often saw strange lights hovering over near by villages in our area when I walked my dog late at night. I thought to meself, if those lights were on helicopters or A8 Harrier aircraft the locals would be raising hell about all the noise that the military is making in the middle of the night becasue the lights appeared to be at very low altitude. The thing was they could have also been at a very high altitude very far way. They were definately not stars though because stars do not have green and red navigation lights which were not always visable but would flash periodically.
    I then met a man who worked full time as an air traffic controller at a nearby airfield and was starting a part time job as a loan officer at a nearby lending insitution that I was doing bussiness with. One night I invited him out to see the lights. He agreed that they were very mysterious. I said that the reason that he would not see them on the radar at the airfield is because all stationary objects were deleted from the radar screen by a computer as interference. I suggested that since the government could not be trusted to tell us the truth about what the lights were we should contact a local TV station that could send up a plane to have a closer look. He told me that such a thing would not be allowed because all aircraft flying at night have to file a flight plan in advance and the TV station would not be able to say in advance where the lights would be or move to if something approached them.
    My dog has passed on now so I do not go out so late anymore but I have no doubt that the lights can still on occassion be seen as over the years they never completely went away. There is no government that would ever tell the truth about what is the source of the lights. If they are from a non earth source the government does not want us to know. Another good explination for these lights is that they are used by the military to send messages by light rather than radio waves. It could be much harder to intercept the light waves than it is to intercept radio waves. Of course if the Iranians or Cubans know how and where it is being done they could plant a team of agents in the area. Yet they would have to be able to intercept the transmisions with a high speed camera if they were going to have any chance to decode them.
    The significance of this theory though is that it means that NATO forces have operational helicopters that make almost no noise from even a short distance away. If that is true I imagine that is something that the NATO militaries do not want to publicize.
    It had bee rumored a number of years ago that US diplomaitc codes had been comprimised to the Iranians by Ahmed Chalabi. If that is true that could explain why messages are being relayed in this very expesive manner if that is in fact what is happening. The timing of when I first saw these lights in December of 2005 also fits with this scenario.
    But an arguement against this theory is that it would mean that US communication techniques are at least two generations behind what I have read somewhere about Russian communiction techniques. I saw somewhere several years ago, I can not remember where anymore that the Russians have made a quantum leap in this area which was already a quantum leap over thier previous technology. The first leap was that each coded radio or internet transmission was coded to different levels. In the first generation the real message would be one of several possible messages that would all be possible messages using the first set of correct keys.
    Only the second set of correct keys would reveal the correct message embedden in the false messages. The drawback of this method though was that the host messages were pages from novels or magazine articles. It could be easily deduced what information was false.
    The new generation produces levels of false plausible information so even if all the possible messages are decoded those reading them would have great difficulty figuring out which message is the real message and which is just dissinformation.
    So basically the whole infrastructure of the NSA against the Russians and suspose the Iranians too is now junk. Well it is only my supposition that the Russians would have shared this technology with the Iranians.
    Of course the article that I read could just have been disinfomation itself that the Russians put out to scare the US in to thinking that there is a communications technology gap. But it is also possible that the Russians set things up in advance so that when it was first brought out I imagine in a trade publication the Americans whould just laugh and think that the Russians were playing a joke on them and not really take it seriously.
    Damned it is funny how once you get started talking about one thing it can lead to another and another and another.
    I know that does not have much to do with Atheism and Buddhism and Christianity but it does have to do with mystery.
    But what it all boils down to in the end since I really can not believe that the US is actually behind in communications technology is that I lean towards the theory that the lights that I saw come from a craft that is not manufactured here on earth in the 20th or 21st century. I suspect that these craft are equiped with eavesdropping technology that is litterally light years of anything here on earth.
    They, the opperators of the craft, do not make offical contact with us here on earth because they do not talk with liars, cheaters, and murders. So they simply do not land and say take me to your leader because they already know that they do not want to meet human leaders at this point of the 21st century.
    Will this story win me an Oscar for the best documentary?

  17. huh… could be meteorites.. i looked into this, given my own story, and haven’t found any cases of these big, slow burning, low atmospheric ones… they are usually small, quick pinpoints of light high in the atmosphere.. still searching though.

  18. @ Ghost,
    If you will notice, mine did not streak across the sky but had very odd flight paths.
    I have seen a very large meteor streak through the sky — lit up the sky like it was midday sun. Scary — it crashed in Lake St. Claire — we were at Cedar Point Yacht Club — right around your area. It was verified by Newpaper reports the next day.

  19. i did notice that and was thinking about the curve of the earth and dirt in the atmosphere distorting and bending the straight line, but that seemed like a lot of mental gymnastics to arrive at “wow, i have no idea what that was.”

    plus i misused the term… meteors! i was talking about meteors. meteorites actually hit the earth. always miss that distinction. and i remember reading about that particular impact back in the day.

  20. Take me to your leader.

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