Dismissing Religion

Alonzo Fyfe runs an excellent blog called “Atheist Ethicist“.   I agree strongly with his recent post which laments that many atheist look down on their fellow atheists saying,

“If you do not share my dismissal of religion, you do not belong in my community.”

Alfonzo shows how such thinking is dangerous.  I would encourage you to read Alonzo’s post and see yet another atheist who disagrees with indiscriminate rejection of anything religious.  We need to persuade the indiscriminate thinking of other atheists.   Please don’t hesitate to speak out when you visit their sites.  Though I am very critical of many aspects of religion, I am discriminately critical.  I have tried to capture this notion with the phrase:  “Sympathetic Atheist“.


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8 responses to “Dismissing Religion

  1. geoih

    I think you’re correct about the parochial nature of many atheists. It seems to me that their anti-religious feelings can often rival those of the most zealous religionists.

    I’ve also observed a significant collectivist streak in many of these same people, but discussing that distinction might be off topic.

    As for being a “sympathetic atheist”, I’m not really comfortable with that label (I didn’t vote in your poll). Maybe a ‘not unsympathetic atheist’ would be a better label. We can argue the symantics.

  2. geoih — To feel sympathetic, I guess it is important to know some actually people who you feel are using their religion in a good way. Othewise, it is merely theoretical and with all the bad things done in the name of religion, I can see why one could only become a “not unsympathetic atheist”. Great term !
    I am glad you see the parochial nature of many atheists. I agree with you, as you know.

  3. Nice attitude. I appreciate it.

    Hey! Bro! I need some friendly pushback, back at my blog. Trying to thoughtfully answer your arguments from a few days ago.


  4. Yeah, I went ahead and voted “no” … but not on the sympathetic part ;^)

  5. West Virginia Salvation

    Having a Wife and Extended family who are active Xians in the community and church has really forced my thinking to become more sympathetic. Partly my symapthy arises out of my desire to have a happy home and part of it arises out of the futility of anti-religious arguments on these folks. Besides, what would be the point of challenging peaceful personal beliefs and comforts? I think that instead of intelligent and thoughful, I would come across as bizzare and mean-spirited.


  6. @ WV: Well put ! Relationships, internal and external are more important that beliefs !

  7. I think we should learn to see over people’s religious beliefs, or lack there of, period.

    In the same way that we need to see the person and not race or sexual orientation, we need to overcome other differences and disagreements and just get the f* along.

    We can’t separate religious belief as a good reason to discriminate and stay politically correct in other areas.

    But WE DO NOT HAVE to agree. We have to get along in spite of disagreeing not because we agree.

  8. Lorena: Who was saying “We have to agree” ?

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