Theology 101 — Best out there !

This is an amazingly fantastic piece by QualiaSoup. All religous folks who wish to debate their theology should watch this several times, be sure they understand it, then debate this before getting hung up debating any of their scriptural or theological details. Most folks don’t embrace their faith theologically, then I hope they hold that faith lightly and don’t let it divide themselves from others and just use it just as a personal tool. And for those who have a strong intellectual theology, as long as you only use it only to reinforce good emotional and personal habits and don’t use it to hold back science, then fine. But this video may help you as you move your theology closer to reality.


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11 responses to “Theology 101 — Best out there !

  1. geoih

    Great video. I can think of a lot of people who tend to be quite open minded on many topics, except religion (especially Christianity), that could stand to watch this.

  2. Dan

    Brilliant video, probably the best summary of it’s type I’ve seen, in fact it definitely is. Favourited.

  3. That is an excellent video, I’ve seen it on several blogs lately and it does a fantastic job of explaining why most theist debates ultimately fail, because theists just don’t understand the absurd nature of the claims they are making.

    Thanks for posting it again, Sabio, this one deserves all the promotion it can get.

  4. I really liked the emphasis not only on the rational component but the emotional component. I know many believers who have incredibly great emotional skills and take it easy on the righteous rationality stuff. Cultured emotions and cultured intellect are two difficult tasks — I like how this video addresses both.

  5. I appreciated the video very much… although it was a bit dry… did have great pieces in it about how to really see the sense in belief. Thanks for throwing this in!

  6. Wow, a pretty good explanation for skepticism. Thanks for sharing!

  7. @ Aaron
    Indeed it is dry and fast spoken, not to mention loaded with concepts. Since you are an evangelical Christian, please share what you disagreed with in the video. And would you recommend this as a great training video for Evangelicals thinking of doing Apologetics? How do you think it would change their approach or their thinking? Did it change any thought or questions in you?

  8. School children should be shown this presentation.

    But I would package it differently. For some reason, the blond woman’s cartoon on the cover made me think it was satire, as opposed to something serious and intelligent.

  9. Lorena — you shouldn’t be so harsh on blonde women, I have met a few bright ones ! (smile)

  10. taoseeker

    This is excellent Sabio. Though I still believe in “God,” the notion is so vague that I may as well not believe in God at all, except that right now the idea of it is still comforting in some strange way. Perhaps someday I’ll let it go, but until then I certainly wouldn’t try to argue its existence to anyone else.

    BTW, love the “spiritual facts” on the sidebar. Always make me smile.

  11. Hey Taoseeker,
    Glad you liked it. You know, we all hold ideas together in complex ways. Old beliefs just don’t vanish. After reading you “about” on your site, it would make sense that you are aware that you still believe is some vague notion of “God”. It is possibly useful to hold this notion as your mind slowly builds support and connections while you let go of the ideas of God that no longer serve you. Healthy change is often gradual and careful. Beliefs and ideas are only temporary clothing we layer on top of deep levels of our minds.

    Thanx for complimenting the “Spiritual Facts” — I had a great time making that. You are the first to say something !! Thanx.

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