Whose quote is this?

Guess in the Poll Below:

“Acts inspired by religion have some quality of infinity in them: they seem done in obedience to a command, and though they may achieve great ends, yet it is no clear knowledge of these ends that makes them seem imperative. The beliefs which underlie such acts are often so deep and so instinctive as to remain unknown to those whose lives are built upon them. Indeed, it may be not belief but feeling that makes religion: a feeling which, when brought into the sphere of belief, may involve the conviction that this or that is good, but may, if it remains untouched by intellect, be only a feeling and yet be dominant in action. It is the quality of infinity that makes religion, the selfless, untrammelled life in the whole which frees men from the prison-house of eager wishes and little thoughts.”


Answer: I’m going to make you work a bit for this:  “This is probably too much work for most oyou all !”  <– that sentence contains the answer using Francis Beacon’s famous encryption method.  If you are diligent and solve this code, send me an e-mail with the answer !  For the rest of you, I will post the answer (and my point) in my next post.


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13 responses to “Whose quote is this?

  1. Ian

    But clearly not too much effort for you to encode!

    I’ll see if I can [**********] up the answer for you…

    (edited with permission by conscientious contributor !)

  2. As I have often told my students, “If I can do you it, you know it ain’t hard.”
    Knowing you, Ian, you have probably already built a widgit that codes and decodes with Beacon’s algorithm.

  3. I don’t know who it is, but it is someone I don’t want to read.

    The paragraph only has 3 sentences, the second one covers most of the paragraph. Heavens, by the time you reach the end of the sentence you have no idea what the subject is. Give me Shakespeare anytime of day.

  4. O, cunning enemy that, to catch a saint,
    With saints dost bait thy hook.
    -Shakespeare (Measure for Measure)

  5. Have you read “The Case for God”? I’m toward the beginning and enjoying it . . .

  6. No, but I shall be ordering it shortly. I hear it has lots of great info. I have always enjoyed Armstrong’s sympathetic approach to religion — each faith she writes about, I feel the sympathetic heart of the believer. Other books help me see the darker sides of religions. But then, people are like that, eh?

  7. Indeed. In this book, she shares her take on Atheism, so I’m pressing on toward that section . . .

  8. Ian

    Sabio – widgit – actually didn’t occur to me. But now you mention it!

    Lorena – Russel isn’t that bad. I read his ‘History of Western Philosophy’ as a teenager, and it turned me on to philosophy. I’ve since learned that it wasn’t entirely correct, but boy is it a good read. (for me, at least). Needless to say I was more than a little disappointed when I actually got round to reading the things the philosophers had actually written.

  9. Ian

    Maybe it is a cultural thing, but do you really tell your students:

    “If I can do you, you know it ain’t hard.”


  10. @ Ian
    Yes, I really do say that to my students at times. Why, what does culture have to do with it?
    You live in England, right? But are you also, by accident of birth, English?

  11. Ian


    So what does ‘to do someone’ mean then in that context?

    Over here it has two connotations that I know of, first to have slept with someone, e.g. “You know that redhead in HR? I did her on Friday night.”; and secondly to be able to perform an impersonation of them, e.g. “Can you do Tony Blair?”.

    I thought I was pretty good at Americanese.

    I used to live in the US, but by accident of birth I am British, yes. But I’m not in England. I live in Wales.

  12. Cute ! LOL, I didn’t catch that mistake — I fixed it, thanx. I don’t think our cultures differ that much.

    Wales ! Ah, my ancestor’s homeland ! I can feel the pride swelling. I have actually done a little 4-day car trip around Wales, pretty country side and ocean. Any jobs for PAs there? Smile

  13. Ian

    It is a relatively new advent on these shores, but there are various regions that are trying out PAs, including US trained. Unfortunately Wales isn’t one of them.

    Of course, we have that nazi kill-your-granny state-run health service thingy here, so it might not be worth selling your soul to work here.

    If you’re in the country again though, you’re more than welcome to stop by.

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