Fictitious Sea Otter

I use to live in a rural town in central Pennsylvania on the beautiful Susquehanna River.  One morning at 4:30 a.m., as was my habit, I was up doing my morning run. That morning I ran along the river. The moon was out, a soft mist covered the ground and the river was lit with a ghostly glow — it was beautiful. Suddenly, right in front of me, a sea otter jumped off its resting place on the river back and dove under water. It startled me.

I ran about 3 more seconds before I realized it couldn’t have been a sea otter — I am in Pennsylvania. But it was too late. My mind had seen a sea otter, and the memory was there to stay.

I use to also live in Seattle where I often saw Sea Otters on my morning runs along the Puget Sound. I guess my mind was doing the best it could to offer me a picture of whatever it was that jumped in the river that morning on the Susquehanna.

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21 responses to “Fictitious Sea Otter

  1. I ran about 3 more seconds before I realized it couldn’t have been a sea otter — I am in Pennsylvania(Sabio)

    Sab……you should know better. That is an absolute statement. I think the truth is, it could be a sea otter, but it is not very likely. Afterall, we have seen many animals end up in regions where they werent supposed to be able to survive. Curious thing about life on this planet, it has an amazing ability to adapt. 😉

  2. Nice call T4T… OK, not sea otters… :^)

    “Few outdoor people are lucky enough to see otters in the wild, but those who do rarely forget the experience.”

  3. And this quote:

    In Pennsylvania, the species has been protected since 1952, with no hunting or trapping allowed. Because otters are secretive and nocturnal, it’s hard to estimate the population. Many of the state’s otters are found in our northeastern counties. They can also be found every major river basin within the state.

  4. That is hilarious. I didn’t even know about those otters. Them are other otters. So, you guys think you ruined my post, do ya? No way ! Like any good rationalist, I have ways of turning this around. Truth be damned ! I will redeem this post if it kills me.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhh !

  5. Steve Wiggins

    I grew up in rural Pennsylvania along the Allegheny River and never saw any river otters, although my teachers told me they were there. Being a skeptic, I do not believe in them unless I see them!

  6. I see things all the time. But I always stop to check, and I’ve never failed to find out what I really saw: a shadow from a hanging object, a cloud suddenly covering the moon or the sun view, a car driving by. I’m so eager to see something supernatural, that I look for it all the time, but it never happens. Why not me?

    But then, I’m so easy to scare that you will never find me running alone in a rural area in the middle of the night.

  7. Ah, your otter only became “real” or “true” when someone else proved it. Now that has to really suck for those of us who experience things but cant prove it. Lol, Im sure you know what I mean. 😉

  8. atimetorend

    Redemption, that’s tough. You could say you don’t know it was an otter, it could have been another aquatic mammal, however you pretty much shot down that option because you really did think it was an otter in the first place.

    Maybe you could say you are *glad* the OP was shot down, because until that point you didn’t know you were one of the lucky few outdoor people to make a otter sighting.

    Additionally, you are confirming the Pa. Game Commission writer’s statement that those who see an otter rarely forget the experience. And look, you didn’t forget it! Perhaps validation not redemption of the Pa. Game Commission, guess it doesn’t help your cause though.

  9. @ ATTR

    How little you have learned, grasshopper !

    I can always re-write the OP, or edit your comments, I can easily make this all fit together seamlessly. And when future generations read my compositions, they will know that the great Lord Ganesh, the Overcomer of All Obstacles, cleared my path to let truth shine.

    How quickly you forget the techniques of the cult you just left behind.

  10. if an otter falls in the water, and no one is running by to see it, does it make a splash?

    we spent a lot of time in the summer on the Suq. i am in Lancaster, are you still in the area? great area, very beautiful, but the piety here is straight out of the late 19th, early 20th century. it’s so old it’s retro and hip!

  11. Splashless Otters !
    Nope, we aren’t on the Suq any longer.
    We were in the heart of piety — it was very taxing and we were glad to leave for that reason – plus, no good restaurants, theaters, museums or hospitals. Ah the joys and curses of civilization.
    No otters here, unfortunately, sniffle.

  12. Boz

    haha, funny comments Sabio.

  13. Steve Wiggins

    Lancaster has Intercourse nearby, as I found out last year. To get there you just have to go through Bird-in-Hand. The restaurants all seemed to serve the same fare, however.

  14. See how freethinkers behave ! See ! This is why society rightfully censors them. Behold !

  15. Who are you asking to behold? Certainly nobody reading here, the home of the Buddhist atheist…

  16. Wow, I can’t believe ATTR was able to find that picture of Steve Wiggins on-line, yet alone the other picture of my wife (I am going to have to have a word with her). You need to spend less time on the web and more time meditating, praying, thinking or whatever it is you EXs do.

  17. sometimes when i don’t get to Intercourse, I’ll stay in Blue Ball with Bird-in-Hand.

    we’re talking about PA geography still… right?


  18. Don’t forget Middlesex, PA.

  19. atimetorend

    Oh my, I thought this must be at Harrisburg International Airport!!!
    Otters block air traffic !

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