Sleep Dealer (2008) – Movie Review

Stop here if you don’t like subtitled movies or don’t know Spanish.  This film is a futuristic SciFi and social commentary mix.  In the near future, Mexican migrant workers don’t migrate, they stay in Mexico, report to a local factory and plug into a computer to operate robots in the USA.  This same technology allows not only human-machine interface but human-human interface.  With the advanced technology, do the deep parts of culture change?  No, there is still exploitation, abuse and poverty, they just have new faces.  The story has three heros, one of which is born from redemption (my favorite theme).  Their stories show compromised people, making difficult choices yet by mutual support they don’t lose themselves but bond in hope.

Suggestion:  Watch the special features !
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3 responses to “Sleep Dealer (2008) – Movie Review

  1. Sounds great! Added to my Netflix queue.

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  3. Amazing movie. Not perfect, but it’s sincerity, beautiful colours and ideas save everything.

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