Is “Eternal Life” enticing?

Now be nice, this is my very first attempt at a hand-made cartoon using all kinds of new software.  This cartoon was inspired by the comment thread on Common Sense Atheism’s post: Fear of Death.


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12 responses to “Is “Eternal Life” enticing?

  1. Fun! What software did you use?

  2. Boz

    I would love eternal life, it is very enticing to me.

    The closest I can get is life extention by staying fit and healthy. (I am actuarially trained) Life extention via calorie restriction is too unpalatable for me.

  3. bataille9

    You did it! Nice!

    And eternal life is most certainly worth having, as I just found out this past weekend. I thought I was doing alright, but as it turns out I am (1) very frightened of the after-life, (2) confused about this world and (3) in need of salvation. In fact, I must have been really confused, because I didn’t even realize I had any of these problems.

  4. @Mike
    I am sure there is better software (readers, please do tell !) and a better way to do this. It was pretty entailed for this Art-Challenged guy. Here is the Mac software I used: Comic Life, ArtRage and, of course, Photoshop CS. The first two are software I got for my kids.

    I hope you are covering all bets and conserving Jing with your Taoist practices !

    @Bat-boy (bataeille9)
    FYI Readers: Batboy and I were accosted by a fervent seminary student this weekend in a coffee shop. Wheeeeew, intense! Batboy’s holy mission, given by the evangelist, is to read the Gospel of John three times and then pray in order to test if Jesus is real. Sad think is, I doubt he will. But who knows, the aspiring preacher is praying for him.

    Hey, Bat-boy, I added a signature, how do you like it? I was trying to give more weight to my theological speculations, albeit comic speculation.

  5. Interesting, I’ve been told by Catholics that if I pray the Rosary for a certain amount of days it would change my life. I’ve never tried since I don’t believe in any of what it says. I’ve also been told that reading the Catholic Catechism, would change my life. I have a copy and have yet to attempt this as it’s huge and boring!

  6. Ian

    Nice job.

    So we’re going to get ‘Jesus and Bud’ now are we?

    Eternal life – There’s a great line in the Christmas Carol “One in Royal David’s City” that goes:

    When like stars His children crown’d
    All in white shall wait around.

    Now I get bored really quickly, so an eternity dressed in white waiting around simply isn’t tempting…

  7. Steve Wiggins

    Nice cartoon! I’ve dabbled in the hand-drawn version, but never had one accepted by the New Yorker. Maybe I’ll get brave and post one on my blog.

  8. societyvs

    It’s a nice cartoon – I would say avoid any Mohammed pics and you will become a great cartoon commentator very quickly!

  9. Oh, I see, Steve, “If Sabio can get away with puttin’ that stuff up, Hell, I my toons will shine !” Don’t think we can’t all read between the lines .
    @ Ian: I will have to think about using “Bud” that way.

  10. Boz

    societyvs, I strongly disagree that sabio should avoid mohammed pictures.

    The overwhelming majority of the worlds techonological/scientific/cultural advances have come from countries with a christian culture (western countries). This is due to an environment that encourages questioning/criticism/free speech/satire, that caused a general move away from religious fundementalism/literalism.

    Islamic countries have produced almost no techological/scientific/cultural advances since the end of the Islamic Golden Age in the 15th century. Encouraging questioning/criticism/free speech/satire in (and of) the islamic world will rectify this in the long term.

    Furthermore, the more people that do it, the fewer death threats each person receives.

    Sabio, thanks for the link to taoist sexual practices. I don’t think I could subscribe to such a practice, haha :p

  11. societyvs

    “Encouraging questioning/criticism/free speech/satire in (and of) the islamic world will rectify this in the long term.” (Boz)

    True – in the long run (and I generally agree – I dont get the fuss myself). In the short run, it gets him questioned and possibly, if done in public, harmed…which is much to ask for making a stupid image for satire. Makes no sense to me to endure harm for such a small cause.

  12. sometimes i wonder that in my need to reform society and draw people together into dialogue will get me annihlated and in turn grant me eternal life in the act (at least metaphorically in the fact my name gets remembered). we’ll see i guess. good toon dude.

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