Boost Your Blog Stats !

Here are ways to boost your blog stats:

  • Use catchy titles
  • Frequent posting
  • Make interesting, insightful comment on popular blogs
  • Post on controversial topics
  • SUBSTANCE: make sure your posts have valuable thoughts !

Today I noticed something else that increased my traffic: IMAGES!  If you choose good pics and, more importantly, label them wisely, your hits will go up!   Google will find you.  [Since posting, I did a Hindu Iconography post that poured thousands of page views for months into my blog — though I doubt many stayed].

So today I discovered this when I saw a huge rise in the reading of my old April post, The Sanctification Cloak.  I couldn’t figure out why.  Then I looked at my post.  There it was – the pic of holly leaves which I labeled “holly leaves and berries”.   So imagine the poor innocent folks trying to find nice pics to decorate their Christmas letters and Holiday cards and they accidentally find my Atheist site.  Oh the horror !

So, just before every holiday, don’t be ashamed to put up a bunch of holiday pictures and watch your stats rise !!   Then when all these temporary new “readers” leave after realizing the anti-Holiday nature of your blog, watch your stats plummet as you welcome in those post-holiday blues !

See, stats ain’t everything !  Maybe you should shoot for substance and quality commenters instead of transitory numbers!  Don’t be cheap like me.  But go ahead, feel free to use any of these nice pics for your holiday cards !
Smile 🙂

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9 responses to “Boost Your Blog Stats !

  1. Brilliant!

    Maybe I should look for pics that match my name. 😉

  2. Amy

    That’s great, Sabio.

    Titfortat, I think that would definitely get you traffic!

  3. rburke202

    Google will also look at the number of referring links your site gets on other sites. For example if you site is linked from another well known website your Google “stock” will go up. But really nothing can replace thoughtful content.

    For images check out the creative commons: These pictures are free for you to use with the appropriate credit to the creator. This also gives you a potential new audience. As they see their photo views go up, they can reference the referring link. ie you. They expand their community .. you expand yours.

    Isn’t the internet great!

  4. Steve Wiggins

    My numbers have always been low. I try not to think about it because I put a lot of effort into my posts. I try for the ambiguity angle. Seems people like clean, simple answers more. (Thanks for the tips anyway — clever captions may be the key!)

  5. societyvs

    “Maybe you should shoot for substance and quality commenters instead of transitory numbers!” (Sabio)

    Stats are over-rated. Keep it real Sabio!

  6. Hey SVS, Yes, I totally agree. If you will note, my post was trying to ironically hint at that without being too loud. Quality is much more lasting than quantity, eh !

  7. @ Rbruke202 — thanx for the site — oh great webmaster.
    FYI readers: My buddy Rburke202 does this stuff for a living !

  8. I saw that list too. My problem with Loftus’ list is that substance needs to be #1. What does it matter how many readers you have if it isn’t? The other comment I would have on his approach is the way he trolls/promotes his web site. I have I think only once commented with a link to my blog, and then only bcs. it seemed very relevent. It seems disingenuous to do so I think.

    It is interesting when you get a post that keeps getting search engine hits, especially when it does so because it is semi-unique on the Internet. I always like those.

  9. Yes, atr, I get that feel too. Substance needs to be number 1. And self-aggrandizement can undo much substance.

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