Enchanted Naturalist

People rightly question the term “Atheism” as being sadly negative — defining oneself as being NOT-something.  In my post “Atheism: An Epiphenomenon“, I illustrate one approach to this issue.  Today I noticed one of the past posts at Luke’s at Common Sense Atheism where he calls himself an “Enchanted Naturalist“, taking a positive approach to labeling ourselves.  I love that phrase.  Luke’s essay is worth the read !

But before you go, I just wanted to give some fun linguist enrichment: “Enchanted” comes from Old French, “enchanter” which is from Latin “incantare” which is composed of “in” + “cantare” (to sing).  The Latin word “incantare” meant “to sing at” and had connotations of  chanting or muttering magic formulas — to cast a spell, to bewitch !

So, when you read Luke wonderful essay, you will see how the brain sings at us and bewitches us.   And btw, may I suggest that you play the music Luke suggests while reading his post — it helps !

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One response to “Enchanted Naturalist

  1. I don’t like the word either. It has too many negative connotations. When I was a Christian, when somebody said to be an atheist, I would immediately imagine a dark cloud of demons over his or her head.

    I like humanist. Enchanted naturalist? I don’t know. I feel that it doesn’t suit my dry, serious, no-non-sense alpha male personality.

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