Buses Stacked High with Feelings

This winter morning while I was driving to work on our back roads, I had to stop for a school bus which was picking up children from their homes.  I knew I would have several more stops like this for the next two miles on our hilly country road and I was already running a bit late.  But as I watched the kids get on the bus, their parents tucked in their scarfs, put on their warm hats and hugged them goodbye.  I suddenly saw the bus loaded with much more than just kids.  I sort of visualized the bus overflowing with all the emotions and feelings of their loving parents.  I was very touched.  And for the next few stops on our snowy, slow, morning road, I smiled fully at the bus stacked high with children and all those feelings.

So I thought I’d try and PhotoShop a picture to capture and share my feeling.  Isn’t it nice when the mind gives us a treat like this?

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10 responses to “Buses Stacked High with Feelings

  1. Very nice appreciating the moment that way. It reminds me of photos I have of our three boys waiting to board the bus for the first time last year. Oh my heart! Thanks for sharing the warm feelings.

  2. @attr: Thanx ! I thought about putting God before “the mind” in the last sentence to show the even Atheists can have wooooooo moments that a theist may claim was God speaking to them with his gentle loving voice. Instead, big man that I am, I held back — and put it here ! 🙂

  3. Steve Wiggins

    Nice post. I think we often suppose that vehicles are creatures when we are driving rather than the outer shells of other people. It always strikes me after class when my students go out and climb into their cars, and I think “if one of them cuts me off, and I don’t recognize the car, I’ll be as angry as all get-out” and I realize it is because I equate the vehicle as a thing with intention instead of a human being. I like the image of a bus being full of emotions, very aptly put.

  4. I can’t even believe myself how pendantic I am. My first thought was. Those must have been very little kids, if they still let their parents touch them.

    I’m sure I would’ve been touched, too. Adobe should pay you a fee for all the free propaganda you provide Photoshop with 😉

  5. Smiling !
    My kids are 7 (girl) and 9 (boy) years-old and still we hug, hold hands and even kiss in public — even at the bus stop. Heck, our kids still bargin to sleep with us at night on weekends — we co-slept the first 4 years. I figure this affection will last about another month or two ! 🙂

    Oh yeah, this comment was not PhotoShopped !

  6. Thinking Heresy

    very nice. it is often these little things that we see every day that give life its meaning.

  7. CRL

    Well put. We we see cars, we rarely think of the people who are in them. Often, we subconsciously think of them as inanimate objects, controlled by robots or something of the sort, or as separate universes with no relation to our own. It takes this sort of thing to wake us up and make us realize that we are not the only people in the world.

  8. Happy Holidays Sabio. 🙂

  9. Jedimasterwiehe

    Ah.. the little things in life…I wonder what kind of swear words the children will learn on the bus?

  10. @ Thinking Heresy == thanx
    @ CRL: thanx, I am going to use your image for another post — great, thanx.
    @ Happy New Year T4T
    @ Jedi — (a buddy), my kid only learns the bad words from your kid. My god man, what do you guys do in your house ! 🙂

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