Happy 2010 !

Yesterday a friend (and commenter) snapped an I-phone shot of me while we were sledding with our fantastic kids.
What amazing fun sledding is !  And ahhhhh, the privilege of regaining raw, fresh experiential joy with children.

I thought putting a face to all my writings on this site would add personal flavor and texture to otherwise rather dry words.  Faces make dialogue feel so much more full.  Yeah, it is a big photo, but if the point is to share a countenance, I figured I would share it loudly.  Sadly, I have chosen to keep my name off this blog to protect my career, preserve some casual but useful relationships and maintain some privacy, but I figure until face-recognition search engines are developed, I can probably still share this photo safely.

I also would like to use this post to thank all who visit Triangulations for helping me contemplate issues, practice writing, improve my dialoging skills and learn how to relate in a blogging world.  I look forward to another year together with you.  I apologize ahead of time for my awkwardness, inconsistencies and mistakes and thank you for your kindness.  It is my hope that putting a face to these feelings & thoughts helps.

I wish you all the best in this coming decade !


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17 responses to “Happy 2010 !

  1. atimetorend

    Happy New Year to your family and the abominable snow man depicted. Great picture, a dad who will face plant in the snow having fun with his kids is doing a good job.

  2. You don’t look like an evil atheist. Hmmm. 😉

    Actually you remind me a bit of Bill Paxton. Next do a recording of you shouting ““Game over, man! GAME OVER!” like he did in Aliens.

    Thanks for posting the pic, it’s nice to put a face with the writings.

  3. Al

    Thanks for the face. It truly does help to have something more than just words–perhaps a similar reason for Jesus being ‘God with a face’. Sorry, Sabio, perhaps the devil made me say that! 😉

    I have to agree with Mike–you certainly don’t look evil. And I second the ‘Hmmm.’

    I can identify with your hesitancy to use your name. I do use mine, and have a picture as well, but still recognize that not all people who know me share my views on things. Such is life, I guess.

    I hope you continue to have wonderful times with your kids, and I look forward to your next post.

  4. Your secret’s safe with me, Frosty! Have a wonderful year!

  5. Actually you remind me a bit of Bill Paxton.(Mike)

    Hopefully not the Bill from “Frailty”. 😉

  6. that’s a good face man! thanks for share’n! it looks as kind as you have been in our many conversations here and on other sites. rawk!!!

  7. @Titfortat from my tiny avatar? 😉

  8. Boz

    you look very healthy

  9. It was a great New Year, and you friends (albeit blogging friends) help what make it rich — thanks for stopping in. Check out the new “Friends” tab !

    @ attr :
    We have exchanged kids photos — the radiant happiness on your kids’ faces shows that you must constantly do face plants for them.

    @ Mike :
    Don’t you take away my evilness ! I’ve got it, trust me. I shall have to get an evil picture up in the coming months. Your kind countinence on your avatar is what partially inspired me to put something up — indeed, it is nice to see each other’s faces. Paxton? Did you just just call me “generic”??? If so, GAME OVER !

    @ Al:
    That devil in you needs some taming ! 🙂

    @ Boz:
    Thanx — well, healthy for now. Nature is cruel. 🙂

    @LB, T4T, Luke :

  10. Nah, if I was going to call generic I’d say you looked like Kevin Costner, the everyman’s everyman.

  11. Nice to have a face, if it is indeed you (just kidding). I always thought you’d look more like this.

    Nice beard.

  12. I must be a psychic. My mental image of you was right on the money. Scary…very scary.

  13. @ Simon : cute !

    @ Lorena: you may have given up Jesus but you are still connected to the psychic realm. Did you say I look “scary” ! (smile)

  14. You’re kidding, right?

    Surely you know you’re devastatingly handsome and incredibly sexy 🙂

  15. Jedimasterwiehe

    I always thought you would have a more girlish face! Nice pic! I’m glad you kept your clothes on!!

  16. Shawn Wamsley


    I’ll go ahead and echo the other responses: the picture does help – and like Lorena, eerily, I had a fairly accurate mental image of you already.

  17. @ Jedi : They say I looked like my mother — can’t you see my soft gentle side?

    @ Shawn : Yeah, pics help — I like yours on your web site and in the icon (see my
    Friends Tab. Very nice. It is good to know my writing is similar to my looks — rather silly ! 🙂

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