This is an index of posts on Pattanaik’s book called “Jaya: an illustrated retelling of the Mahabharata”.  The Mahabharata is one of Hinduism’s great epics.

Introduction Posts:

Chapter Posts:

  • 1. Chandra’s Son:  Merit , Ancestors, Swarga, Sun/Moon, Boons & Curses

Sanskrit Issues

Mahabharata Supplemental Background

Related Posts:


Purposes of this Series:

  • Mythology:  To understand a culture’s literature, plays and even TV, it is important to understand their myths.  Classic Western myths are most often Greek or Biblical.  Classic Indian myths are from the Mahabharata, the Ramayana or the Puranas.  Understanding myths in general, help us to understand the avenues taken by the human mind.
  • Hinduism: To help others learn about Hinduism.
  • Comparative Religion: To include comparative religious information. Learning about more than one religion and comparing them is a very good way to start and understand the religious nature of humans.  See my Comparative Studies post.

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