Friends’ Blog Stats 2010

In the Bible scholar blog world, there has been much chatter about rankings.  Biblioblog use to compare all the Biblioblogs to each other using Alexa rankings (the lower the number, the more visited the site is).  Recently, John Loftus, at Debunking Christianity, got high in the Biblioblog rankings and that apparently caused a stir.  Then Luke at Common Sense Atheism (one of my favorites) rated top atheist sites where he himself now lies.

So with all this talk about Alexa rankings, I decided to explore them.  I started with my own site, of course, only to find I was naturally orders of magnitude from Luke, John and the other disciples of popular atheism !  😉   So, I decide to look at my blogging friends.  I recently re-made my “Friends Tab” which I am very proud of and decided to use their data to test out Alexa and see what it is all about — I am a nerdy, experimental guy.  The data  is at the bottom of the post.  Continue reading to see the results !

But before list the ratings, I must admit that I am hesitant to put this post up for fear of being misunderstood or angering folks, but I figure, what the heck ! 🙂  But maybe I can avoid bad feelings by stating my caveats first:  For me, the ranks means nothing except popularity — and we all know both the strength and weaknesses of popularity.  Popular does not mean “good”, or “valuable” or anything like that.  And though it can be correlated to influence, it is only influential on those who value such things.

So, popular has to be looked at with a very critical eye.  I care nothing popularity — almost so little that my attitude verges on pathological 🙂 . Of course, it is to my advantage to devalue popularity  considering I shall never be popular ! 🙂  But the sociological side of this data and the idea of influence is very interesting.  Thus, I thought some of you would find the links to the Biblioblog, the controversy, the link to Alexa and this list to be interesting.  And finally, please do not think of me superficial — or at least not from just this post.  🙂

Alexa Traffic Ranks on My Friends ! (Jan 5, 2010)

Ranked Friends:

  1. Friendly Atheist: 13,222
  2. Atheist Media: 80,093
  3. Dr Jim’s Thinking Shop: 170,417
  4. Common Sense Atheism: 225,646
  5. Epiphenom: 1,041,796
  6. Sects and Violence in the Ancient World: 1,417,731
  7. Triangulations: 3,445,108
  8. Theophiliacs: 4,037,922
  9. Biblecritic: 6,491,244
  10. On Leaving Fundamentalist Christianity: 10,572,806
  11. Al’s Musings: 12,132,703
  12. The Last Laugh: 12,546,570
  13. Atheists and Christians: 12,986,764
  14. Super Jesus: 17,218,298
  15. Losing My Religion: 17,416,446
  16. Toothface: 25,021,593

“No Data”: (not sure what that means)


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14 responses to “Friends’ Blog Stats 2010

  1. I ranked higher than dead last? There must be a mistake. 😉

  2. Hey Mike — well, should we let the readers know that I offer a service like Google — you send in a little cash and your rating rises magically !

  3. CRL

    “… only to find I was naturally orders of magnitude for Luke, John … !”


  4. Thx CRL — now we see why it I am orders of magnitude away from those guys — can’t type. 🙂

  5. Al

    For starters, I haven’t heard about either Biblioblog or Alexa. As well, I hadn’t noticed your friends tab (bad!!). And I didn’t expect that my blog would show up on any kind of rating.

    So, now at least I can see where and how i exist–although i still don’t think I care about that too much.

    But I do appreciate the mention as one of your friends. Although we don’t quite see eye to eye on everything (I expect), we can still appreciate the conversation and added understanding we gain from each other.

  6. My blog couldn’t have beaten any of the other blogs listed. There must be something amiss with the Alexa stats.

    I know for a fact that I get 1-2 visitors a day and one of them is my wife (sniffing for signs of infidelity, I’m sure). 😉

  7. societyvs

    I am way down there – oh well – not like I am seeking any attention…or am I.

    I like seeing these rating systems – they are kind of fun.

  8. #16 huh? oh well.. what does that number mean btw, it’s way higher than all the rest…?

    interesting to see the rankings. i’m using Google Analytics. might have to run a similar report.

  9. Zoe

    My blog doesn’t get picked up by WordPress or Google/Other searches because of my settings.

  10. Yep, right where I expected. Never, neverland. 🙂

  11. societyvs

    Johnny – we still luv ya!

  12. Looks like you just beat us out Sabio!

  13. SuperJesus

    Holy crap, I have a BLOG?! Why the hell didn’t someone tell me?

    Super J.

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