Tomas Rees

Tom Rees (Facebook)

Tom Rees (Facebook)

Tom Rees, on his site “Epiphenom“, does superb dissections of recent scientific research on religion.  I highly recommend his site for anyone (Atheist, Christian, Buddhist or otherwise) who is trying to understand the human phenomena of religion from a scientific perspective.  Besides learning about each study, the diligent reader can watch how a scientists (Tom) approaches knowledge.

For a quick snapshot of Tom’s site, see his yearly review pages:

Here is more information to help you to know Tom Rees a bit better:

  • Employer: Parexel International as the manager of Scientific and Editorial Services in Worthing, United Kingdom.
  • Education
    • PhD:  Microbial Biotechnology (Cranfield Univ 1996)
    • Grad School (MSc): Applied Toxicology(University of Portsmouth 1993 )
    • Undergrad: Physiology and Biochem (University of Southampton 1991)

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