Christian: share thyself !

There are many different kind of Christians. So as to make dialogue easier, please consider sharing your present beliefs.  See the section in my Religious Dialogue Tools for an explanation for how to use this table as a means of sharing your Christian theology.  Note, no one is expected to know all these various categories or positions.

Christian Theology

Present Denomination:
Short religious history:
God’s Nature:
Majority View (  Personal,  Intervening, All-knowing / All-powerful / Omni-present / All-Loving / Perfect / Eternal / Perfectly Just / Perfectly Merciful )
Non-Majority View ( Impersonal / Non-intervening …)
High / Low
Bibliology: Inerrant / Errant
Infallible / Fallible
Inspired / Inspiring
Unified Theology / Multiple Theologies
Harmartiology: (coming – your view of “sin”)
Favored Hermeneutics: (coming)
Evidential / Propostional
Cosmology: Young Earth Creationist / Gap Creationist / Old Earth Creationist / Evolutionist
Socialize with Unbelievers (rare, occasional, often) ;
Deep friendship with Unbelievers (never, yes);
Discourage marriage with unbeliever (always, sometimes, never)
Exclusivist/  Inclusivist/ Pluralist/ Universalist
Calvinism / Arminianism / Moninism
Moral Influence Theory / Recapitulation Theory / Ransom Theory / Satisfaction Theory / Penal Substitutionary Theory / Governmental Theory / Participatory Theory / Mystical Theory
Literal Bodily Resurrection: No / Yes
Type of Christian Ethics
Divine Command / Virtue Ethics / Utilitarianism / Deontological
Salvation First / Service First
Premillenialist / Postmillenialist / Amillenialist / Preterist / No Millenialist
View of Hell:
Traditionalist / Annihilationist / Universalist
View on
State of Israel:
Christian Zionist / Pro-Israel / Israel-Neutral
View on Science:
Science leery / Science friendly
Women-Men Relationships Chauvanism / Complimentarianism / Egalitarianism
Women can be priest or minister: No / Yes
Homosexuality can be valid life style:
No / Yes
Should be: Illegal / Legal
 Personal Teleology: life without Jesus is essentially meaningless / every persons life can have rich, deep meaning — with or without being a Christian

I list some of the above categories below in order to add brief definitions and/or links to help understand each category.  I will be working on this list slowly.  Suggestions welcome !

Christian Theology Categories

  • Bibliology :     Unified Theology/ Multiple Theologies, Infallible / Fallible
  • Favored Hermeneutic Tools: coming
  • Cosmology :    Young Earth Creationist / Gap Creationist / Old Earth Creationist / Evolutionist
  • GoyologySee the post where I coined this theological term to mean: how a believer treats or thinks about non-believers.
  • Soteriological Goyology :     See my post on these positions:  Exclusivist,  Inclusivist, Pluralist, Universalist
  • Soteriological Determinism :    Calvinism / Arminianism / Moninism
  • Atonement TheologySee my post
  • Literal Bodily Resurrection :    No / Yes
  • View on State of Israel :   Christian Zionist / Pro-Israel / Israel-Neutral
  • Type of Christian Ethics: Divine Command / Virtue Ethics / Utilitarianism / Deontological  (variety of Christian Ethics)
  • Missionology : Salvation First / Service First
  • EschatologySee my post
  • View of Hell:  I will expand this, but see this now.
  • View of Science:
  • View of Women:
  • Women-Men Relationships: See wiki on Complimentarianism
  • View of Homosexuals:


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33 responses to “Christian: share thyself !

  1. I’d like to declare myself but I don’t know half of the new-fangled jargon you listed. I’m just an old-fashioned church-going non-theist.

  2. geoih

    Again, you confirm my original assessment that your designation as a philosopher requires no adjectives.

    Man, this is a lot of stuff, and I too would have to spend a lot of time just getting definitions. Also, I don’t think I want to research myself this deeply. I’m afraid I might not like what I find, or worse determine that I’m even more boring than I think I am.

  3. CRL

    Me, over a year ago:

    My Denomination: Catholic
    God’s Nature: -all of the above-
    Christology: -Low-
    Theology of Scripture: -errant, fallible-
    Soteriology 1: -based on actions, no regard to belief-
    Soteriology 2: -arminianism????-
    Atonement: -moral influence??-
    Literal Bodily Resurrection: -no-
    Cosmology: -evolutionist-
    View on State of Israel: -2 state solution, for secular reasons-
    Missionology: -service first!!!-
    Eschatology: -revelations was about the roman empire, not the apocalypse-
    View on Science: -science friendly-
    Women : -yes-
    Homosexuality : -yes-

    (all of these which are not obviously answered by the fact that I am now an atheist, I still agree w/)

    Me, now:

    School of Philosophy: -analytic-
    Ontology: -naturalist-
    Science: -science as a way of finding reality-
    Theory of Time: – I must read up on this-
    Theology: -atheist-
    Politics: -a bit of both (just a standard-issue liberal)-
    Language: -Fregeanism?-
    Mind: -physicalism-
    Mental Content: -externalism-
    Abstract Objects:-nominalism-
    Knowledge: -rationalism, w/ a bit of empiricism-
    Personal Identity: -a bit of both
    Free Will: -undecided-
    Normative Ethics:-consequentialism-
    Meta-Ethics: -Moral Realism, ethical naturalism-

    Now, Sabio, you must declare thyself.

  4. Boz

    wow, I have no idea what most of these philosophical terms mean.

  5. @ Qohelet, geoih, Boz
    Yeah, a lot of terms. It is a tool for those who start discussing such things. I think it would be very helpful for the religious folks, and then for the rare philosophical types.

    @ CRL
    Nice job. I formatted your reply to show how I envisioned its use. I declared some of my answers in the post. I am still considering others. Besides, I think my views of self necessitate a new option for some of them. Again, this is just a tool for dialogue — not meant as a final resting box for a bug in a collection ! 😉 Again, great job.

  6. Ian

    Blimey Sabio, that took some doing!

  7. societyvs

    My Denomination: None – but I lean towards more progressive ideas in Christianity
    God’s Nature: (anything and everything I am not)
    Christology: High (heck the faith is based around this idea)
    Theology of Scripture: Errant and Fallible (However I do feel it is inspired)
    Soteriology 1: Inclusivist (I think within the frame of ‘salvation’ many people that are living good lives belong in that category also)
    Soteriology 2: Arminianism – I believe in ‘free will’ and ‘choice’ so I will identify with Arminianism for now…to be honest I am not sure I will have that much in common with this strand of theology.
    Atonement Theology: – not sure on the exacts – but I see Jesus as making an entrance for all humanity into the blessing of Israel.
    Literal Bodily Resurrection: Yes
    Cosmology: Gap Creationist – not sure to be honest – could really care less when this all started – I just know I believe in the creation of humanity in some form.
    View on State of Israel: Pro-Israel; has nothing to do with the bible for me
    Missionology: Not sure; it all depends on what we mean by ‘salvation’…is it a lifestyle or because one can be granted ‘eternal life’? Irregardless, I am more into one’s actions and ‘service’.
    Eschatology: No Millenialist
    View on Science: Science friendly
    Women can be priest or minister: Yes
    Homosexuality can be valid life style: Yes

    *I am strange – I just realized that (lol)

  8. Great, comprehensive listing! It may even work as you intended (as a tool for furthering dialog), but it definitely works as a tool for self-reflection, not to mention the rounding up of one’s philosophical education – there were many terms I had to look up just to make sure that I understood them correctly!

  9. @ Society
    Well done ! But I am worried that it seems that it took this exercise for you to find out your are strange ! 🙂
    Hey, I notice both on your website and here that as a Christian you have a particularly strong Jewish side. May we ask what is that about? Thank you.

    @Timo Thank you ! It is an honor to have you visiting. Indeed I was hoping this tool would serve as both — it is helping me in both those ways. Thanks for linking to me — I am adding your to my “Friends” tab !

  10. This is a pretty daunting table D:

    If I had to answer just a few of the ones I can, I would go…

    ontology: naturalist
    theology: atheist and agnostic
    mind: physicalism
    meta-ethics: moral antirealism -> subjectivism

    …I guess?

  11. [FYI: Nate posted this on his site here !]

    This looks rather fun and is a great opportunity for reflection. So, I guess I’ll complete the Christian theology category.

    My Denomination: undecided–appreciate the pacifism of anabaptists, the intellectual depth of the Reformed tradition, the intellectual freedom of the emerging movement
    God’s Nature: Perfect / All-knowing / All-powerful / Omni-present / All-Loving / Perfect / Eternal / Personal / Perfectly Just / Perfectly Merciful
    Christology: High
    Theology of Scripture: Inspired (whatever that means)
    Soteriology 1: Inclusivist (i think)
    Soteriology 2: undecided
    Atonement Theology: uncertain but prob. either
    Ransom Theory / Satisfaction Theory / Penal Substitutionary Theory
    Literal Bodily Resurrection: Yes
    Cosmology: either Progressive Creationism or Theistic Evolution
    View on State of Israel: Not christian zionist, but also not a passionate critic of Israel
    Missionology: both ? If you could elaborate on this question that would great. . .
    Eschatology: undecided
    View on Science: Science friendly
    Women : Yes
    Homosexuality: undecided

    I guess answering these questions has demonstrated my lack of definite answers at this point in my life. . .

  12. societyvs

    “Hey, I notice both on your website and here that as a Christian you have a particularly strong Jewish side. May we ask what is that about? Thank you.” (Sabio)

    2 fold response

    (a) Biblically I realize the foundations of Christian thought come from there – and in a search for honesty from the writings of the Nt one needs to search into the Judaic community to see the bigger picture of what grew out of what.

    (b) I am fascinated with the impact of Judaism on many cultures and their freedom of expression – even in times of plight. Their existence through struggle really speaks to me for some reason.

  13. Position on cyber self-declaration: No comment.

  14. @ Laughing Boy:
    Indeed, I can see why some people prefer not to declare themselves. That is why many (like yourself) choose anonymous handles here in cyberspace. But with that anonymity, shouldn’t it be easier to disclose and explore? I guess it all depends on why we dialogue and how declaration serves that or serves ourselves. Hey, ironically speaking of which, I’d love to add more information about you on my Friends tab. Care to share?

    @ Society: Thank you

  15. I find it hard to classify myself because many of those designations I am not familiar with. So I guess I would say…….”Jack of all trades, Master of none”. 🙂

  16. Thank you, Sabio, it has been a rare pleasure reading your blog. Especially admiring your non-confrontational approach to views dissimilar to your own.

    Going through the list does bring some revelations of myself to the forefront. Why have I no trouble saying that my ‘Christology’ is definitely low, but all kinds of trouble deciding about ‘God’s Nature’? I would like to call the latter question ‘inappropriate/makes no sense’ or maybe ‘cannot be known/agnostic’, but why do I give ‘Christology’ a pass, then?

    Is it because with ‘Christology’ I have already thinking of myself inside my Church’s tradition, able to concentrate either to the low or high versions of it as I choose (if I was, say, holding a sermon, I would probably focus on Christ’s human side, using low Christology statements from the Bible)? Then regarding ‘God’s Nature’ I would rather picture myself in non-Church environment, having a dialogue, and dismissing ideas I would find perfectly well in e.g. the aforementioned sermon situation. Why do these two questions point me to different directions in search for adequate answers? I don’t know, and will stop thinking aloud here, but just wanted to let you know that the list you have gathered works in mysterious ways 🙂

  17. That’s a great self review table, Sabio! I did some research and here’s my answer:

    School of Philosophy: Analytic
    Ontology: Naturalist
    Science: Scientific Realist
    Theory of Time: B-Theory
    Theology: Atheist
    Politics: Libertarianism
    Language: Russellianism
    Mind: Physicalism
    Mental Content: Externalism
    Abstract Objects: Nominalism
    Knowledge: Empiricism in Science, Rationalism in Mathematics
    Personal Identity: Both Physical and Psychological, with Psychological taking precedence
    Free Will: Incompatibilism Logically, but hoping that Compatibilism is true
    Normative Ethics: Consequentialism
    Meta-Ethics: Moral-antirealism

  18. Anyway, Sabio, I’ve put my answer on my blog. Do you mind?

  19. dreadpiratescetis

    Avast Ye Scurvy dog! Ye have been boarded by the Dread Pirate.

    I like what you have written and will post this on my blog. I have just started and stumbled across your blog as I was looking for a way to express my theological beliefs. I see yours as the clearest and easiest to use.

    Since I am a pirate, I will steal it. Thanks for the booty matey!

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  21. Dread Pirate? cool!

    i like this post! sorry i didn’t comment sooner, i have been away on a short trip down to VA. i’ll have to fill this out! looks cool!

    one question, what is Russellianism / Fregeanism?

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  24. Earnest

    Hi Sabio!

    Christian Theology
    Present Denomination: Catholic

    Short religious history: Born UCC, parents took me as child to many diverse even non-Christian congregations, spent some time going to a Krishna temple. In college went Methodist because I was looking for hot girls to date. Then married and went Catholic because she was.

    God’s Nature: Personal, occasionally Intervening, All-knowing / All-powerful / Omni-present / All-Loving / Imperfect / Eternal / Imperfectly Just / Imperfectly Merciful.

    Christology: Low

    Theology of Scripture: Errant, Fallible
    Inspired and Inspiring, Multiple Theologies

    Harmartiology: tabulae rasae

    Favored Hermeneutics
    : no idea how to answer this one.

    Favored Apologetics: Evidential

    Cosmology: Evolutionist

    Goyology: Socialize with Unbelievers often, Deep friendship with Unbelievers

    Soteriological Goyology: Pluralist vs. Universalist – variable

    Soteriological Salvation on the basis of those works that one is personally capable of and either does or fails to do

    Atonement Theology: somewhat Christus Victor, somewhat Moral Influence Theory, somewhat substitutionary theory. I also like Participatory Theory not sure about Mystical Theory

    Literal Bodily Resurrection: probably not

    Type of Christian Ethics
    : Utilitarianism

    Missionology: Service First

    Eschatology: apostasy combined with Amillenialist

    View of Hell: Universalist

    View on Israel: Israel-Neutral

    View on Science: Science friendly

    Women-Men Relationships: uneasy truce with Complimentarianism

    Women can be priest or minister: Yes
    Homosexuality can be valid life style: Yes

    Abortion Legality: Should be: Legal

    That was exhausting! I need a nap!

  25. Thanx Earnest — now get a website and put it there !

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  27. I have actually been wanting to write a “bio” page but I hate talking about myself. Just like job interviews, I never know where to start when someone says ‘tell me about yourself’. This is a great help and it will be forthcoming, it may make things a bit easier.

  28. Horray! I am very glad it helped. Best wishes with it.

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  30. How intriguing, Sabio. I will be back. This could take some time.

  31. Present Denomination: Baptist (I’m not as conservative as many other Baptists)
    Religious History: I’ve been a Christian my whole life. I have attended First Baptist Church of Carmel in Indiana. My mom side of the Family is Mormon, I don’t agree with their theology at all. My Dad’s side isn’t really religious but he is. My step dad is very Traditional and King James only Bible Believer.
    God’s Nature: Majority View
    Christology: High
    Bibliology: Kinda difficult. I believe it is Theologically inerrant but scientifically it is errant.
    Cosmology: Evolutionary Creationism (Theistic Evolutionist)
    Goyology: Socialize with nonbelievers (often); Deep friendship with Unbelievers( yes);
    Discourage marriage with unbeliever (sometimes, depends on the person)
    Goyology: Universalist
    Literal Bodily Resurrection: No
    Type of Christian Ethics: Deontological
    Missionology: Service First
    Eschatology: Full Preterism
    View of Hell: Universalist
    View on
    State of Israel: Israel neutral
    View on Science: Very Science Friendly
    Women-Men Relationships: Complimentarianism
    Women can be priest or minister: I’d say yes
    Homosexuality can be valid life style: Don’t really have an opinion
    Legality: Illegal, but if it’s legal, it’s legal, nothing I can do to change it.
    Personal Teleology: Without Christ, Life would seem less meaningful but still have some meaning. But Christ gives you big meaning in Life.

  32. Thanx for sharing, COEB

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