Sabio bites the dust

OK, I admit, this post’s title was a cheap, journalistic trick, but in a way, it is true:  People may soon notice that my icon has changed and leaping-Sabio is gone! Sniffle …

When I began this blog one year ago, I decided that due to the nature of the material and the community I lived in, I would use a fictitious name and symbol to keep my pedestrian identity secret.  So while trying to create a icon, I ran upon a leaping paleolithic hunter on some nutrition sites and decided to photoshop the fellow over a setting sun and call it my own.  Thus, the Sabio you know and love was born.    But alas, little did I know that this silhouetted  primal maniac was someone’s official corporate logo.  And this week I got the following letter in my e-mail box.

Hello, Sabio,
My name is Aaron Fox. I am the editor of and the GM of Primal Nutrition, Inc. It was brought to my attention that you are using our brand logo on your site as your own. Our image of “Grok” is the logo for the Primal Blueprint brand. As such we ask that you remove the graphic from your site (as seen here) in the manner in which it is used. Thank you for your cooperation.

Aaron Fox, Editor
Serving up health and fitness insights (daily, of course) with a side of irreverence.

So, to protect my legal butt and because it is the right thing to do (in that order), I have changed my icon.   BTW, Marks’ Daily Apple is a fantastic website for carnivores and/or people interested in nutrition, exercise and health!

In deciding on my new icon, I played with some mythological symbols but decided on the Astrolabe — a tool used to triangulate.  The rising sun is a symbol for optimism, strength, inspiration and support.

Though my former version of Sabio has “passed on”, I am not saddened.  One of my favorite posts, called Mini-Deaths, describes why.  Oddly enough, that post was read by few because I posted it back-to-back with another post.  Hint:  If you really have a post you want your readers to see, don’t post back to back or only the most devoted and diligent readers will find it — and don’t be deluded that you have any of those readers.  🙂

So, I thought some of you may enjoy the story and I thought it wise to head off questions and so this post.  It will take time for my new symbol to propagate over the web.  Some of the places I have had to change it are:

Who’d have guessed it would take so much work to change an image.  If you find my icon elsewhere on locations I have forgotten, please let me know so I can wipe leaping-Sabio off this etheric plane !  And BTW, I am updating my blog’s organizing, so if you subscribe by e-mail, you may be getting hit with several posts over the next few days — sorry.


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14 responses to “Sabio bites the dust

  1. I may just call you Grok from now on…

  2. Grok, at your service ! Thanx for visiting !

  3. Kay

    I’ve read Mark’s Daily Apple on and off for about a year now. Can they prove to you that they own the right to be the only one to use the image? Did they actually create it? Is it truly a branded corporate logo?

    I only ask because I have my doubts that they do.

  4. I like the new icon, my only problem with it is that it is hard to tell what it is when it is smaller.

  5. @ Kay: Indeed, I am not sure. But it is all good!

    @ Mike: Yeah, I may alter it in the future to simplify the self-consuming serpent.

  6. geoih

    I’m with Kay. Don’t knuckle under to corporate muscle or their government lackeys oppressing the people with their ficticious intellectual property ‘rights’. (It’s fun to be brave and self-righteous when somebody else’s head and/or wallet is on the line.)

    To be honest, I never noticed the graphic moniker before today.

  7. Exactly geoih, easy for us to tell sabio to stick by his guns. Even if marksdailyapple doesn’t own it, did you see the pecks on that guy on their masthead? Sabio would need some serious judo or something to take that guy on, I would be afraid for him.

  8. societyvs

    I like the new symbol – a dragon eating it’s tail!

  9. Sad to see your old avatar go. It was nice. But I’m with you, re:keeping the peace instead of fighting. It is easier to sleep well at night that way.

  10. i like the new one, i’ll miss Grok. stupid corporations! ruining everything. it’s getting so you can’t even steal anymore.

  11. I like your new astrolabe avitar better than the first new avitar you selected. Very nice work.

  12. Hey, thanx ATTR — obviously so do I. But I was in a hurry to make the person complaining happy.

  13. It’s funny, I remember reading about this last year, but didn’t pay much attention to the web site that was mentioned. Recently I started reading Mark’s Daily Apple, I found it through other channels, and I enjoy it. Today I noticed Grok, and he jogged my memory.

  14. Hey Mike!
    Glad you found it and the story now makes sense — good memory.
    Yes Mark’s Daily Apple is a very good read — especially considering your objectives. My wife and I use it all the time for info on our low-carb grok lifestyles!

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