Well-Being inside of Sadness

Below are two videos I watched today which were kindly posted on Leah‘s and Zoe‘s sites.  Both videos are inspiring to me.

Years ago I was deeply impressed by Matthieu Ricard when I read his comments in “Destructive Emotions: A Scientific Dialogue with the Dalai Lama”. It is the transcript from a meeting in 2001 where he was a participant.  This video confirms my impression.  It is my belief that this gentleman speaks from experience, not from theory.
Question for viewers:

  • Do you suspect that he is correct when he says, “You can feel well-being when sad”?

Next, a video by a young insightful man who is an enchanted atheist.

Question for viewers:

  • If enchantment with reality is not someone’s disposition, how could they cultivate it?

I had to add this one too: Loved it! For more excellent ones like it, see the website “Symphony of Science” which is full of the words of enchanted naturalists.

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