Happy Holi

Market with Holi Colors

Frolicking during Holi

Holi is a fun holiday!  People all over the India, Nepal and Srilanka will be throwing bright colored powders at each other while running around laughing.   The holiday is simply the celebration of the end of the winter season.   An atheist couldn’t ask for better. Now of course religious folks have tried to grabbed the holiday over the centuries making many explanatory myths for the holiday, but most folks ignore these are just out for the foolery.  Can you hear parallels?

I had the pleasure of celebrating Holi twice in India and once in Washington D.C. (at a Hindu temple).  In India, we dressed in white kurta and pajama (traditional clothes) and ran around throwing colors at each other — even at strangers occasionally.  We also sprayed each other with water to make the colors stick.

Holi has its lewd side too.  Men often grope unsuspecting women (reminding me of crowded Japanese trains) and wet white kurtas can be very sexy.  But my favorite indulgence was the Bhang — a drink made by grinding almonds, spices, milk, sugar and cannabis.  Yeah, you read that right, marijuana.  And it is even sold in government stores.  Boy does that stuff sneak up on you and hit you hard.  But the colors never looked so beautiful.

May you have a glorious Holi today!  I wish we could start a movement to bring Holi to the U.S.A. !


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7 responses to “Happy Holi

  1. In my 33 years in healthcare, working directly with patients, I got tired of holidays in a hurry. Holi sounds more like it! Insanity… colors… altered states… groping… not too bad. All we have is: “How was your Christmas?” “Were you with somebody?” “Did your family pray together at Thanksgiving?” …well, no. My parents are dead, my kids live far away and I don’t belong to your religion.
    So, I invented the “UN-HOLIDAY”… no gifts, no dead trees in the house, no mandatory stupid songs, no maxing the credit cards to fulfill some obligatory feeling and nobody asking, “How was your holiday? I hope you weren’t alone?”
    We don’t mention the “UN-HOLIDAY”. WE do not preach it’s glories. January 2nd comes, we breath a sigh of relief! The holidays are over!!! It is the UN-HOLIDAY. Maybe a knowing look is all with those that share our feelings. But it is never mentioned.
    So, for those of you that care to, enjoy next Jan. 2nd. No salesman will call. No donations are necessary. You wont get a special card in the mail. You wont have to listen to the same stupid songs over and over. Just…
    I’ve said too much already… :-}

  2. @ Bah-hum-bug (ooops, I mean “Bhakta Ed”)
    I didn’t do Christmas for many years especially since I lived in Asia for over a decade and didn’t have kids then and wasn’t Christian. I did enjoy their holidays over there though. And now, back here, with kids, I am into it again. I understand the source of your bitterness but hope you really don’t live in the bitterness you expressed. 😉

  3. Steve Wiggins

    Here in mid-north Jersey we have a very large Indian population. If you want to get Holi rolling in the US, this might be the place to start! Get it into the New York Times and soon color will be everywhere.

  4. Steve, you should really attend a Holi festival sometime — great fun ! Have you been to a local Hindu temple yet. They usually love guests.

  5. Ashok sahu

    Its realy amazings,
    Gappy holi to all of u and ur family
    Ash sahu

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  7. Anu

    Happy Holi

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