The Burial of Jesus: a review

James McGrath JesusTitle: The Burial of Jesus: History and Faith
Author: James F. McGrath
Occupation: Prof. Religion at Butler University, Indiana
Publisher: self (
Date: 2008
Pages: 142 pgs (a tiny easy-to-read book)

James McGrath is a liberal Christian who embraces science and is soteriologically inclusive.  He is one of my favorite kind of Christians.  His blog, Exploring Our Matrix, has delightful educational reading even for atheists.   Reading his blog inspired me to read his recent book.  Here are my posts which review and respond to his fine book.


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7 responses to “The Burial of Jesus: a review

  1. Is this title being released just in time for Easter? Or is the title referring to something altogether different . . .

  2. It is a 2008 book. It is about the historical evidence for the burial & resurrection.

  3. Baylor College, Indiana? It’s Butler University. Nevertheless, thanks for doing this!

  4. Oooops, thanx James. I’m on it.
    Great to have you reading !

  5. Sounds interesting! I’ve been thinking about picking up a recent book on the subject.

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