Poetry: Marguerite Wilkinson


You say you saw a ghost, in the house, at night,
Standing stiff and chilly in evanescent silver,
In your room, near the bed where your grandfather died.
But I saw ghosts, hundreds of them, dancing,
Out of doors, by day, in dazzle of sunlight,
Climbing through the air of a clearing near the river,
Flying dizzily there in a brief puff of the breeze,
Yes, hundreds of ghosts, where a little while ago
Died hundreds of purple blooms of the thistle.

— Marguerite Wilkinson (1883 – 1928)


See more excellent poems in Sabio’s Poetry Anthology

My impression:

Instead of taking the path of a ghost story, she delightfully uses “ghost” to bring us back to everyday life.

More info on Marguerite Wilkinson:

  • More of her poems:  AllPoetry.com (4), PoetryHunter.com (4), GoodReads (1),
  • Born Marguerite Ogden Bigelow in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Nov. 15, 1883. Educated at Northwestern University. Married James Wilkinson, 1909.

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10 responses to “Poetry: Marguerite Wilkinson

  1. Earnest

    Very nice, thank you!

  2. My pleasure. Reading of “my related posts” help to make another layer of meaning besides just a wonderful poem, if you are interested.

    Funny: I could find no Wiki article on, nor photos of Marguerite Wilkinson. So if you want to be a Wiki author, there you go!

  3. Temaskian

    Is it possible that people used to be better with words because they had no camera, nor video cameras, so they had to describe the world around them more vividly.

    Great poem.

  4. CRL

    Great poem! Interesting thought, that plants would leave some sort of ghosts.

  5. kj

    Thanks for the late night reading the other night! It made it even spookier!

  6. Glad everyone liked it. Nice to know some of my readers share some of my sentimentalities.

  7. Ghosts are like many things, they are what one makes them to be. A good post, my friend.

  8. Gus Bekker

    I’m searching for more information on Marguerite; bio, photos, etc. Does anyone know more about her? Help.

  9. Thanx Gus. I added more info to the poets because of your interest, plus here are two other interesting links:



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