Moon (a movie)

“Moon” (2009) is a psychological sci-fi film about a guy called “Sam” who works alone for a mining company on the moon.  Well, he is really not alone.  I won’t spoil the movie for you, but right from the beginning of the film, we see that Sam has a robot companion and helper called “Gertie”.  After the film, I could not help but think about “Gertie” as similar to the Hebrew god Yahweh in disturbing ways.  He is basically responsible for our situation, he appears to take care of us, he seems like he is on our side, but really, he is just part of the problem.

That’s all — I won’t spoil the movie for you.  I enjoyed this original movie’s psychological and moral ponderings.  I recommend it for those who like this genre.


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11 responses to “Moon (a movie)

  1. We saw it in the theater and loved it!

  2. @ Mike
    Again, we like similar wines! But what did you think of the robot and my Yahweh analogy?

  3. It’s interesting. Personally I have a hard time pinning down just one YHWH, so your analogy works for some of them. I’m happy I don’t have to try to fit all those YHWH’s together anymore. 😉

  4. 1minionsopinion

    I don’t know if that one ever made it to my town. I really wanted to see it. Good to know it’s available for sale now. I usually rely on my library to get this stuff but they haven’t been able to order much new since October (long technical story of zero interest to you personally) I may have to consider other methods of obtaining it.

  5. Sabio

    Mike: I totally agree — nice to not have to worry about knitting together all those theologies and gods into a functional piece of clothing.

    1 minion Good luck finding it.

  6. darrenwong1859

    Well, I’m not sure whether the movie can be bought in Malaysia, but I’ll certainly look for it. It’s won’t be easy though, since most Western movies in Malaysia are Hollywood blockbusters, and “Moon” isn’t one, is it?

  7. Gertie isn’t responsible for the situation…he’s the one who clues Sam in on what’s happening by letting certain things slip and leaving little clues around.

    Good movie. Quiet movie. Interesting movie.

  8. @ Terri
    I think you are right. Gertie had been part of the problem, then probably due to faulty programming, became part of the solution. The program probably did not account for the discovery. Ironically the part of the program which said, “Always help Sam” undid the evil side of the program.

    It is as if Gertie became a redeemed god. The result: Gertie would no longer be needed.

    Just playing with the analogy and trying to redeem my theme. 😆

    It was a quiet film — I often enjoy quiet films.
    (Thanx for your note)

  9. @ Darren
    Nope, “Moon” was not a “Hollywood” production. Moon was produced at Shepperton Studios (London, England) for only $5 million dollars.

  10. new movie trailer

    yes, rthis is good movie 🙂
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  11. I saw the film when it first came out, in Edinburgh. Indeed, it’s a good one. I enjoyed it.

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