Quick Philosophy

Go get a 27-minute College Degree in Philosophy!

I found this creative, funny Australian on YouTube who has done some actually hilariously instructive 3-minute cartoon summaries of the following philosophers.

Warning: they include profanity and sacrilegious implications —  perfect for some of my readers:


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7 responses to “Quick Philosophy

  1. John Morales

    Heh, great find. Most amusing indeed.

  2. There goes my morning!

  3. @ John : Glad you enjoyed !

    @ Leah : Hey, your TED links do equal damage to my morning hours ! (and I am always appreciative) 😆

  4. these are pretty funny! love ’em!

  5. Laura Cooper

    I tried to write about the Categorical Imperative for my public speaking class—maybe if I had used this format, my teacher wouldn’t have said it was “too technical for this class”!

  6. Sabio Lantz

    @ Laura
    “too technical” — unbelievable — it was Kant, after all. You have to admit, these are fun though, aren’t the¥?

  7. Earnest

    Totally Awesome!!!! I love the visuals about the absurd extremes of the proposed ideas of a given philosopher.

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