Pepsi is an Invading Alien

I am watching “V” on ABC with my son.  It is about “v”isitor aliens who pretend to be here to help us but really everything they do will lead to our demise.  Then today, on the radio I heard the Pepsi add about the “Pepsi Refresh Project” with its noble cause to help neighborhoods, the planet, arts and culture by encouraging the sharing of ideas with hopes of winning a grant.

There is nothing good about Pepsi or Coke or Sprite or the like.  They destroy your health and they aim at addicting kids.  Pepsi is the “V”.

The “hilarious” last line in the advertisement is:

Could a Soda really make the world a better place?  With PepsiRefresh, it can!

Sad thing, most people will believe it.


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8 responses to “Pepsi is an Invading Alien

  1. I prefer my brainwashing to be upfront and hidden in entertainment, rather than attempting to play on my guilt:

  2. I’d like to teach the world to sing… Come on! Everyone sing along now! 😉

  3. societyvs

    Awesome! Let’s start a campaign of information to start busting these types of ad’s!

    That being said, I like Dr. Pepper.

  4. societyvs

    Still yet to hear back about the Avalos book reading thing?

  5. Ah, wonderful PR.

    The olden days of the tobacco model of business (simple marketing, cool factor and addiction) just don’t cut it anymore.

    And surprise-surprise, even a socially conscious mega-corp is still a mega-corp.

    What happened when Nike (was it Nike?) put together that ad with Tiger Woods and his father’s voice-over? The world evaluated it. And Saturday Night Live (among others) made fun of it.

    Since they asked the question, “Could a Soda really make the world a better place?” I think it is our civic duty to answer in a mock-up or parody.

    What are some good snappy answers to their question?

  6. Sigh.

    I was really hoping we could have started something with this. Oh well, maybe I’m fixating.

    I’ll make a first attempt here:

    “Could a Soda really make the world a better place?”

    If by better you mean toothless, then yes soda can!

  7. LOL. I hear that Coke and Pepsi are good at removing rust too.
    A better world may be a world with less rust.

  8. like pepsi and suggest to other.

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