How to Cure a Christian

This is an index post for an up-coming series.  Medicine is my profession and so the “cure” metaphor comes easily to me.  I realize that such a title is naturally offensive to Christians, but what can I say — this is an Atheist site.  At least I am being honest.  Many years ago when I deconverted from my Christianity, I started writing essays which I entitled “Debunking Christianity”, but now there is a website by that name.  And besides, as I gained distance from Christianity (which was easy since I lived in Asia), I realized that it was person-by-person that we affect each other.  And I realized that cures are complicated because a person’s beliefs are intimately tied into their lives and are not simply composed of a list of propositions.  So rather than debunking an abstract thing called “Christianity”, these essays will focus on the individual Christian.

Well, this is suppose to be an index post, so let’s just start the list.  I will link up titles as I post.  But here are some titles I am imagining:

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17 responses to “How to Cure a Christian

  1. This looks like a very intriguing series I’m looking forward to it.

  2. geoih

    Quote from Sabio Lantz: “And I realized that cures are complicated because a person’s beliefs are intimately tied into their lives and are not simply composed of a list of propositions.”

    It’s like you’re saying that we’re all individuals and that groupng people into arbitrary collectives is unproductive.

    Forgive my Monday morning snarkiness.

  3. @ geoih

    Indeed, I am trying to not group people. Did I miss read you? I don’t see the “snarkiness”? (got to love that word!)

  4. solomon

    Indeed Christians have to be cured. But curing Christians is not as tough as curing Atheists. Christians backgrounds are very near to the true religion Islam but with a little twist.

  5. Temaskian

    Not only do Christians need to be cured (i.e. deconverted), most need after-care.

    Like post-natal care after a pregnancy. Deconverting can be a traumatic event. Like pregancies, some are more dramatic than others.

    Becoming an atheist after decades of being a Christian is like being born again.

  6. @ Temaskian
    Excellent point, one I plan to incorporate in coming posts. Thank you.

  7. Gav

    Really looking forward to these.

  8. societyvs

    I look forward to the series – should be fun to dialogue on some of the stuff you have written…which is always pretty top notch!

  9. Temaskian

    You’re most welcome. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Just like Gav and societyvs!

  10. solomon

    But I feel there is no way Atheists could be cured. The most probable solution is to dispose them.

  11. Hey S,
    Just wanted to say how good it is of you to approve solomon’s comments — the willingness to be open and patient is always a good place to initiate the conversation.

    A question to you and your readers (in some ways inspired by solomon):
    Is Atheism the cure?

    The trend now seems to be to de-convert from Christianity to Atheism. Is there anything else to de-convert to? I’m just not sold yet on the idea that Atheism is the underlying “natural state”, if you read me.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to this series.

  12. @ Andrew
    You will have to wait for the coming posts for that answer. But I think the first post in this series sort of answered that. But to answer before the posts come, “The cure can lead to lots of different positions”.

  13. Joe

    As the end times rapidly approach, with all nations turning against Israel, the establishment of 1 world religion and monetary system, just as foretold in the Bible, it is so obvious that the Christian religion has the ONLY answers.
    That plus the obvious lie of evolution when one looks at abiogenesis, DNA and the incredible complexity of a single cell, and even the Universe itself. They take more faith than the belief in Jesus!

  14. @ Joe
    Normally, as my Policy tab states, I would delete comments which don’t interact with the post and which are simple preaching. I will let this go this time Joe. You were probably just a drive-by ranter anyway.

  15. Joe

    I am not a preacher, just well read. I just think for one to think that man is the highest form of life in the Universe, is a false belief.

  16. @ Joe
    Try to interact more with the post. Thank you. I am a former Christian, so I understand your position.

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