Marcion of Sinope

I am using this post to keep some notes on sources concerning Marcion.  I just learned that he had a larger influence on early Christianity than I imagined.  I am continually fascinated by what I have never known!






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3 responses to “Marcion

  1. Thanks for compiling the list. I have also become curious about Marcion. Robert Price had some interesting theories about him. For example Luke/Acts was actually written by Marcion or one of his followers, but then cleaned up by more “orthodox” Chrisitians. This would require a later date for authorship than is standard, but I don’t know how firm of a foundation that date has.

  2. After reading a few of your links, I think I may have been confused over some of the details. Anway, this is all very fascinating.

  3. Just an old friend, Sabio, scouring the web looking to enlighten idiotic conversations about Marcion. I have uncovered that the great Protestant New Testament scholar Adolf Hilgenfeld argued that Marcion was a form of the name Mark:

    If you look at the post that follows I show that there are no examples of people named ‘Marcion’ before Marcion the heretic. The point is that this has to be an artificially created ‘heretical boogeyman’ created by someone in Rome in the third century.

    Just thought I’d pass it along. All in the interest of knowledge …

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