Put Tables in your Post

Spice up your Post !

This is an addition to my post called “Blog Appearance“.  These posts are written especially for WordPress folks, though others could use some of the points.  Below is a way for HTML naive  folks to spice up their posts with TABLES by using the HTML tab in their editor.

Create a Table

Have you ever wanted to put a table in your post but don’t know HTML?  Well,  You can go to this Table Generator site and make a table.   After it generates your code, cut and paste it into your post but be sure to first click the “HTML” tab and enter it there.  Then go back to visual mode.  Let me know if this is unclear and I will write more.  Below is a table I created using the generator.  If you find a better generator, let me know.

Minimist Blogger Average Blogger Artistic Blogger
Uses Text Only Uses Pictures
Uses Texts
Uses Tables
Uses Colors
Uses Pictures
Uses Text

When I generated this code, I left off the last part of the code generated because it was advertising:

<p style=”font-family:verdana,arial,sans-serif;font-size:10px;”><a href=”http://www.quackit.com/html/html_table_tutorial.cfm&#8221; target=”_top”>Table tutorial</a></p>

But I will leave that ethical question up to you.   Here is another generator to experiment with.

If you want to make sure text aligns to the top of a cell,  you have to insert this code (valign=”top”) into each cell in the HTML.
So where you see: <td>
Change it to: <td valign=”top”>

You can also use the normal edit tools to change text color, boldness and centering.  Thus, the new table would look like this:

Minimist Blogger Average Blogger Artistic Blogger
Uses Text Only Uses Pictures
Uses Texts
Uses Tables
Uses Colors
Uses Pictures
Uses Text

There are many more tricks, but I will stop there unless folks show interest.  These tricks alone will considerably improve your post’s layout.  And remember, instead of text, you can put images inside a table cell.  You can make the border=0 and then the table acts as a layout device for putting several pics on a page.

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4 responses to “Put Tables in your Post

  1. Hey Sab,

    Very cool advice here, thanks.

    I don’t have an ideas to use it on yet, but still it is very helpful.

  2. rburke202

    So I realize that your post is geared toward organizing content but, might I also suggest a post on plugins and widgets? Most definitely one of my favorite parts of wordpress is the plugin library: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/

    A twitter widget to display your twitter feed on the side bar.

    Make it easy for readers to share your blog post on other social networks: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/tweet-this/

    A fun tag cloud widget: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/nktagcloud/

    I’m not sure if wordpress.com will allow you to install all these plugins, but it is interesting to see what people are developing.

  3. atimetorend

    I used it! Thanks for the tip, I remembered you had blogged this and went back to find it. I was wrestling with wordpress not lining up text with photos properly or consistently and the tables did the trick.

  4. @ Rburke — unfortunately, the library does not work for us .com folks. I never liked tag clouds — glad to see someone does. I am not big into twitter — can’t figure out how to enjoy it yet. But thanks for the suggestions.

    @ ATTR: glad they helped!

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