Bible Manipulations

This is an expanding index of my posts illustrating biblical texts which have been manipulated.

Jewish Texts

Christian Texts

  • Matthew 6:11 –> “daily bread” should be “supernatural bread”
  • The Last Supper –> a later addition which disobey Jewish blood prohibitions?
  • John 7:53 – 8:1-12 –> Adulteress Pericope, added to John’s Gospel
  • Romans 3:28 –> Luther’s adds “alone” to “save by faith”
  • James –> maybe it was written by a Jew to Jews and not to Christians


I began this index when reading Avalos’ book on Biblical Studies which made me pause and re-read Ehrman’s book “Misquoting Jesus.  I wanted to use posts as notes so I can remember some of the contended Bible passages but more importantly to learn about how myths are formed.  Here is a link from Common Sense Atheism discussing William Craig’s criticisms of Bart Ehrman’s view of the Bible.


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