God Slapped Them Down

Jesus Slaps YouTwo of my friends clashed with Christianity this week.  Sometimes when writing on this blog I write abstract essays so I feel an occasional concrete story may help anchor some of the essays. For that reason I have shared stories of my past. But here are two recent stories of the impact of Christianity on the lives of two of my friends.

Rejected Home-stay Host

A friend of mine is a very liberal Christian, at best. But she is sympathetic with Christianity and even attends a weekly prayer meeting with colleagues from her office. Her husband is an atheist and the family does not go to church.  Their son is a good friend of my son.  Anyway, they recently applied to be a home-stay family for a local organization but got rejected for not answering correctly on the phone interview when she told them she was faith-friendly but would not preach in their home. My friend was very hurt and disappointed. Good news, however, it possibly pushed her closer to realizing she might as well be an Atheist.

God Censored Their Love

A young woman friend of mine is casually dating a local seminary student. I actually met the aspiring minister once when he was my bartender at a local bar.   Anyway, he has been dating this girl on and off for about a year.  I’ve been told by mutual friends that all her friends disliked the budding religious professional because of how poorly he treats the young woman.  On the nights he would come over to her place after a long absence, he was usually drunk. Last night was no exception. And last night was my friend’s birthday party.  At her party he took her aside and told her that God had told him he should not date her anymore. And without even saying goodbye, he left. She had a horrible evening.   I kind of felt sorry for her but at least God seems to have made a good decision — for my friend’s sake.



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15 responses to “God Slapped Them Down

  1. Ed

    Hi Sabio… I try to keep my comments to the posts that really move me in some way, to make it worth taking up space on your blog. I am kind of waiting for the health care posts. What happened to them?
    Anyway, this post relates a phenomenon that happens frequently with all religions. The concept is “step in line with us or goodbye”. The Hare’ Krishna’s do it all the time and they are quite strict about it. When I was a practicing christian my mistake was to point out that the god of the bible had incarnated more than just in Jesus of Nazareth. And even after I pointed out that god had appeared as a burning-talking bush, a pillar, a cloud, a dove and a being with legs that walked with Adam before god made Eve, in the Garden of Eden… even after showing them the places in the bible that proved my claim, I was severely rebuked and avoided after that.
    I think religious people that think outside the box threaten the “group think” that seems to prove the collected set of orthodox beliefs. If “everybody” you know thinks they way you do, “well it must be true”…

  2. CRL

    In all fairness, one could easily find similar stories of “atheism slapped them down” or “Islam raised them up” etc. You really can’t prove anything about religion’s truth by talking about what it does to people’s lives. Sad stories, though. I hope your friends come through alright.

  3. @ CRL
    You are right, this is not an argument against Christianity. What believers do with doctrines does not necessarily refute the doctrines. Well, not unless everyone does the same bad things with the doctrine, then it shows the doctrine is dangerous in the hands of humans.

    The story of the seminary student illustrates one of the very bizarre notions of theism: That the believer can claim ultimate, irrefutable knowledge because the creator of the universe talks to them. That aspect is bizarre, perverse and just ripe for abuse!

  4. @ Ed
    Somehow your comments always end up in my spam. I will have to check more often.
    Since you ask, I will have to try and do some more health care posts. I agree with your experience with most folks who want people to feel the world the same as they do. I guess that is what TV is for.
    Thanx for stopping in — I am off to kayak now!

  5. Ed

    Try this one and see if it goes to your spam. No website address. Maybe that’s the key. Let me know. Hope your kayaking was good. Where I am now there is a lot of that around the (12) Apostle Islands. You can kayak out to one of the pristine uninhabited islands and camp for a day or up to 2 weeks I think. And then kayak back to the mainland. Very nice…. Be well

  6. Excellent ! Yes, your link did it.

  7. Hello Sabio,

    I found you at Nick’s blog and so decided to check yours out. I am kind of confused about this minister. If he is getting drunk and presumably partying why would he then be interested in becoming a ministry in the first which requires abstinence from sex till marriage and discourages drunkenness? Or am I missing something here?

  8. Hello Sabio,

    I found you at Nick’s blog and so decided to check yours out. I am kind of confused about this minister. If he is getting drunk and presumably partying why would he then be interested in becoming a ministry in the first which requires abstinence from sex till marriage and discourages drunkenness? Or am I missing something here?

  9. Hi Sam,

    I wouldn’t think this inconsistent minister should surprise you Sam. Inconsistency is what humans are made of, whether they think they have a special connection to the divine or not.

    The news abounds with hypocritical ministers — I am surprise that you are surprised. Or did you mean something else?

  10. Sabio,

    My point was that if he enjoys the party life so much then why bother becoming a minister? I guess it may be due to the money, but who really knows. I agree, we humans are horribly inconsistent. However, I think it would be better not embrace a system of belief or ideology that conflicts with the way one chooses to live. That’s just my opinion.

  11. Sam,

    My point is if:
    a) priests enjoy sodomizing children
    b) ministers enjoy having affairs
    c) preacher enjoy feeling pride in having an inpenetrable theology
    d) Rabbis enjoy status and power

    Why do these people “bother becoming” religious professionals.

    What is your theory on that? We have an abundance of examples.

    But then maybe you are not inquiring, maybe you are just declaring: “Naughty, naughty. Don’t be a Man of God unless you have stopped sinning!”

  12. Let me explain my point. Don’t be a CHRISTIAN minister if you have no intention of trying to do your best to comply with the ethical teachings of the New Testament. So going back to your friend’s ex-boyfriend didn’t he know that according to the NT documents he was to abstain from pre-marital sex and drunkenness? And did your friend ever call him out on it? Did she ever tell him that he was being a hypocrite, a fake, for acting the way he did? Just curious.

  13. @ Sam
    I see. You are not questioning, you are admonishing (even though you did it in a question form) — sorry, I was slow to pick-up on that.

    I think people go into the ministry either:
    (a) thinking their problems are surmountable with GOd’s help and feel they have tons to offer in spite of their short-comings.
    (b) can find no other niche
    (c) don’t feel their vice is that bad or that Christ forgives them and they can move on

    I didn’t write this, but my friend is an Atheist. The seminary guy is actually, when not abusive, very nice (aren’t they all). I know lots of mixed-faith marriages. Why he would date an atheist is beyond me. But then, God finally told him she was not good for him. Funny, eh!

  14. Sabio, thanks for replying back. I feel sorry that your friend had to go through such an experience. I do pray that she finds happiness.

  15. You are welcome. Please pray she doesn’t run into another confused Christian. Smile !

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