The Ex-Lover Illusion

Blazing HeartOur brains have receptor sites for morphine, nicotine, caffeine and marijuana.  That is because these substances perform functions which our brains do naturally.  Marijuana, for instance, helps us forget – and it appears that those receptor sites serve in our memory functions.

A good brain knows how to forget.  A healthy, happy brain forgets pain and suffering much more quickly and thoroughly than it forgets happy memories.  The only downside I can imagine for this blessing is when it happens to memories of ex-lovers.  For when we get into a fight with our present mate, our minds can go back and remember only the good things in the last relationship.  Not only that, but if your former relationship was a decade or more ago, you probably also  remember this over-idealized ex-lover as much younger and better looking than they would be today.  So, us optimistic, happy-minded folks need to be cautious of these cognitive illusions in times of relationship strife.  For the ex-lovers of our imaginations are probably not as beautiful nor as perfect as your mind is trying to trick you into believing.  Ah the pitfalls of human reasoning!


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3 responses to “The Ex-Lover Illusion

  1. Ed

    Very true, Sabio… Are you trying to tell us something? :-}

  2. rburke202

    HA! Lies, all lies! I am happy to hear that I have a happy and healthy brain.

  3. Rejoice in your happy brain, rburke!

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