Contra Kilts

Dancing in a Kilt

Dancing in a Kilt

On Father’s Day, my family took me out Contra Dancing (a type of folk dance).  We went with another family and had a great time.  Some of the men there were dressed in kilts.  After the dance my friends commented on how strange and silly the men in skirts were.  On the contrary, I thought their attire was awesome and said to myself, “Gee, if I came dancing enough, it would be fun to wear a kilt also.”

Funny how all of us have different intellectual and emotional constitutions.  I am naturally drawn to the unusual.  It is no more my virtue than it is the vice of my friends to find the unusual unappealing.  I have been that way since I was young and so have they.  They have disciplined themselves to accept (albeit with effort) others while I have disciplined myself not to jump into every odd thing.

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14 responses to “Contra Kilts

  1. NFQ

    Oh, what a nice present! Contra dance is awesome.

    I used to go quite often, and FWIW I remember a number of the men there wearing broom skirts. They swish around in a really fun way with all the spinning you do, and they saw no reason that women should get to have all the fun. I guess it was a pretty liberal group … everyone just went with the flow.

  2. @ NFQ
    So are you the type drawn to the weird or hesitant of the weird. Would you wear a kilt if only 10% of the men in the group did?

  3. NFQ

    I’m definitely not hesitant of the weird on principle, usually either drawn to it or indifferent. I think 10% kilt-wearers would be high enough to break an embarrassment threshold for me, and I’d do it at least to try … but then, I’m female so the novelty of skirts has sort of worn off by now. 🙂

  4. Shawn Wamsley


    I bought the material for, sewed together, and wore a kilt in high school. Just thought you should know that. 😉

  5. My husband and I love contra-dancing, too. There is a group here that dances twice a month. Pretty cool! But we can’t go because I get dizzy. I am dizzy all the time. Every time I put my head on the pillow, I spin. Don’t go to the doctor ’cause she’ll just put me on antibiotics, again.

    Anyway, I’m like you. I’m into what’s weird. If it’s new, I’m game. And I, too, am trying to discipline myself to not jump head on into whatever new and weird I discover. It takes effort.

  6. @Lorena
    Wow, dizziness is drag. Antibiotics are the wrong treatment. Sounds like you need a new doctor. E-mail me to discuss, if you’d like.

    I like when I find others who jump into weird — it makes me feel so “normal”. (*an ironic smile)

  7. Ian

    Presumably you’d be wearing a cilt rather than a kilt (being Welsh and all). Thought it is essential you get the i and the l the right way round.

  8. I’d wear a kilt. Can I paint my face blue like Braveheart too?

  9. @ Ian
    Thanx — that almost motivated me to get a Welsh course to study before visiting you !

    @ Mike
    You could probably pull off the blue face, don’t think I could. 🙂

    @ Shawn
    With your migration from Pentecostal to Anglican, it is not surprising that you would wear a skirt ! 😉

  10. Shawn Wamsley

    Oh, you have no idea (I don’t know, perhaps you do). Academic regalia and religious vestments (and a stint in theater in college) all serve my penchant for ceremony and dressing up well. With such a disposition for dresses, I was destined to become a academic/priest or a cross-dresser. Is it any wonder that Eddie Izzard is one of my favorite comedians?

  11. I’m rather drawn to that which is odd. I’m even more drawn that that which breaks gender rules. So, kilts? Sure, I think more guys should wear them on the dance floor. That’s fine by me. I’d like to see everyday skirts being worn, too, but hey, I’m weird like that.

    As for myself, I’d choose not to wear a kilt, but that’s purely because I prefer pants to non-bifurcated garments. Since I’m a woman, no one really cares if I wear such apparel. Perhaps I should wear a tux instead?

  12. @ Shawn : Human temperament is funny how it colors our thoughts. I was in academia for 12 years — I highly disliked the regalia. Just ain’t my personality.

    @ Timberwraith : Girls are suppose to wear skirts — what is wrong with you. (*sarcasm — it seems we both love the unexpected)

  13. People can’t remember what they never knew! Rome exiled men in pants in 393AD and confiscated their property. The Greeks also regarded men in pants as barbarians. Skirts are “sex neutral;” pants are “equestrian” in the first place, and “utilitarian” in the second place. Women used to get arrested here in America for wearing pants in public, and mobs followed them in the streets. Check out the New York Times index if you doubt! Nothing—nothing at all—succeeded in allowing women to wear pants other than 17 million USA women going into factory work in the second World War. Social forces—not chromosomes—cause clothing behavior. However, reason is what should cause it, not monkey see, monkey do. People who demand that every man be a cookie cutter replica, in clothes, of all other men, are the WRONG kind of people—they are uncivilized! What was intended as the basis for telling men and women apart—is facial hair on men, and none on women. That, and differences of build and voice. But the cult of invented “sex differences” knows no bounds!

  14. Great rant, Charles. Your site is an advert for you trying to find a wife. Good luck meeting all your expectations.

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